Friday, July 29, 2016

What a long, strange trip it's been

At last the husband is improving.  Slowly, but surely.  The cough was finally largely resolved by the GI doctor - it was caused by husband's chronic heartburn of many years.  The shortness of breath has several contributing factors, but now that I've been able to keep the man out of the hospital for a few weeks and getting good dialysis, it is largely resolved as well.  He is on hemodialysis for the foreseeable future, and scheduled to have a new fistula put in on August 3rd - coincidentally our 26th Anniversary.  He has now lost over 30 pounds since this began but he is able to eat again now so there is hope.  If you are up to a day by day blow by blow account, check out my Facebook page where I keep the latest updates for the benefit of my husbands many friends and family around the world.

With his slow improvement, I have been able to begin to write a little now and then.  I may even actually finish my Camp Nanowrimo July project by the end of July.  Today is the first peaceful day in weeks where we do not have a doctor's appointment, dilaysis, or diagnostic test scheduled.  Since those lovely mechanics decided to fuck us over royally and ruin our small car, we have only the motorhome as transportation.  Unhooking and packing the home takes about an hour, then drive a 5 ton vehicle to the appointment and trying to park it, drive it home and hook back up and unpack.  Due to his general weakness, the hubby helps as much as he can, but it is largely my responsibility.  It has been incredibly hot, over 100 degrees F most days, and this means that food in the refrigerator spoils rapidly since it is turned off for a few hours a day, and it is nearly impossible to get the home/vehicle comfortably cool with the air conditioner and fans off for several hours a day - often in the afternoon.  I am so glad, and so grateful for this big Dodge though - every single time I turn the key this baby STARTS.  And IF anything goes wrong - James or I have the knowledge to do the repairs ourselves, rather than get fucked over by theiving unscrupulous mechanics again.

They fucked us over, knowing well that my husband was disabled and, for a time, seriously ill.  Heartless bastards.

That said, a very kind man - who owned a used car lot - gave me more than the little car was worth to purchase it, even though it was clearly not running properly at the time, and included a ride back to where the motorhome was parked (the mechanics were letting me WALK back and forth several miles during the heat).  The cash was welcome, since staying in town has demolished our budget, not to mention needing to purchase the extremely high protein diet the husband must have to recover and do dialysis, and the constant purchase of medications.  We daily fall deeper into debt, unpaid bills, etc. and since his income clearly isn't going to change (unless Trump gets in and cuts it off completely) I don't know that we will ever recover financially.  At least we are not and never will be homeless as long as we have the Firefly!

It would certainly help if I could get a minute free now and then to do some writing and editing, and get a few top selling books out on Kindle :D As it is, I am at least making a buck or two on the Mechanical Turk.  I'd love to do some day labor - but of course, between daily doctors and his health, I really cannot work a full day anywhere ever.  We are hoping for improvement on that front, but until then -

I am writing a semi-silly serious fantasy about Fluffy Bunnies and rainbows and unicorns (actually the unicorns aren't in it yet - but might arrive today).  When that's done I have some things I want to work on on Wattpad that might bring me a reader or two, while I edit and groom some long finished works and try to get them published.  If anyone feels like donating editing I won't turn you down *wink*.

Part of my problem is I only have the Chromebook now, which does not read or work with word .doc files which is what all my books are in.  There's a bit of mechanics involved in getting the Chromebook to speak to the external harddrive that the books are on as well.  And, of course, the Chromebook doesn't have any kind of text editor I can use to convert for Kindle.  I desperately need a new computer, a real laptop.

Which brings us to a project I put up at months ago and have never been able to promote due to - well, RL issues you're well aware of.  If you would like to help us out - and a new laptop for me would go a long ways towards that - please donate, and/or share this widget on your pages.  The little fan reward is simply a bit of origami by me - a hobby of mine.

Spread the word! Copy and paste this code into your page to display the Feed The Muse widget.

A little help would go a long way for us now.  A little hope would go even further.  Hope that I can increase our income with my writing and my art.


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