Tuesday, May 10, 2016

And The Beat Down Goes On

Since my last post the husband has been back to the hospital for another week and at this writing has been out for about one week.  He still has peritonitus.  We switched hospitals, and mercifully hav enot been threatened with his death for a few weeks.  We switched cardiologists and now have what seems to be a reasonable set of doctors who want us to address the repair of this issue before we jump into treatment for the heart condition.  The husband is currently at home - where he receives regular dialysis (something that never happens at hospitals), his correct medications at the correct time (also never happens in hospital) and even gets fed three times a day - food he is willing and able to eat.  There is hope he will actually get better - now that he is away from the killing floor that is the modern hospital.

Meanwhile, because of last month and this month our budget is in severe straits.  I must feed him a high protein restricted diet because of his dialysis and I must buy his medications, vitamins and supplements.  In order to stay in town near the doctors and clinics - particularly now that our car has been taken from us - I moved the Firefly to a RV park.  This means our "camping fees" will be $415 instead of $120 as budgeted.  I cannot leave him alone for a full day to do any day labor job.  I am on foot - or I have to make him sit up so I can unhook, drive, and then rehook up the Firefly for every little errand.  My bicycle needs two new tires to be useable.  I bought two at the bicycle shop - but guess what - they are the wrong size and had bubbles in them the first time I put air in them.  Another rip-off, and of course, since things are a wee bit disorganized, I lost the receipt.

In order to take care of him properly, I am simply not going to pay some of our bills.  It is likely I will lose my beloved kayak, as well as the use of my bike, as well as our car.  But I still have the hubby - so far.  It is impossible to say at this point if this peritonitus is going to clear up, or if it is going to require further hospital stays including possibly removing the peritoneal dialysis catheter and putting him on hemodialysis for a few months.

I hate to ask, but if it is at all possible for you to help us, please consider sending a donation to my Paypal account at sffoovayATgmail.com or I really need the tires for the bicycle so I will have a mode of transportation for errands, and possibly to work if he gets well enough for me to leave him alone all day;
the bike tires I need are here.  Of course you are already helping if you are a subscriber to one of my blogs, or buy my books or products on Zazzle and I cannot thank you enough for your continued support.

Maybe if we can get through a few more days without a crisis I will even be able to get started writing again.  However, when it rains, it pours - my desktop computer has frozen and will not work, so I am confined to what I can do on this Chromebook - which has basically no real programs to create and edit text.  Pretty much back to using a notebook and pen, checking spelling and grammer by hand - but then I grew up doing that, so I can do it.  However, it does not support any program that would allow me to upload a book for Kindle.  Yes, I need a new laptop as well.  I mentioned when it rains, it pours?

You got that list right?  We lost the car.  The bike needs tires.  The kayak is in storage, which is behind on payments.  My computer refuses to boot up.  And my husband is still very ill and no one knows what his future may hold at this time.  In order to stay in town near hospitals and doctors and clinics, the cost of an RV space makes it impossible for me to also buy food and pay all of the bills.  We do not qualify for any assistance here because "he gets so much money" (about $1000 a month), and because the government believes I need to go get a minimum wage job (if I can) rather than stay home and care for my husband.

Hard to believe a few weeks ago I believed there was hope, sunshine, happiness, a future including more books written and a trip to the Grand Canyon.

Well - it's still there, it might just take us a little longer to get to it.


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