Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Progress on all fronts!

This has been one hell of a leap year February month!

The car is finally back from the mechanic - I think she almost gave him a nervous breakdown.  We almost had a nervous breakdown when he handed us the bill - for nearly $1000 - and then the engine light popped back on four miles from the shop!  (Its under warranty - he'll fix it - and we can still drive it meanwhile) Family helped with the bill - thank you so much.

I had the opportunity to do a bit of work away from the house and make a buck or two.  Which has the mixed blessing of making sure we do have food to eat - but takes away time I could have spent working on the adult coloring book.

Speaking of the coloring book for adults, there has been some limited progress on that task as well.  Some of the reasons I've not got as much done as I would like are things that simply need to be replaced.  My old computer.  My old drawing program.  My old hands.  Ooops, guess I'll have to make do with those.  Crowd funding has not been my friend - actually I apparently do not have any friends (except those as poor as I am LOL) - but if you wanted to send a buck or two to my paypal account, sffoovayATgmail,com,  that would help and when the coloring book is done I'd send you a signed copy.  Beg, beg, beg. There's more details about all that at the blog devoted to the adult coloring books by foovay.

The conflict with the insurance over my husbands one and only prescription drug - that he cannot do without - is still ongoing.  But I did find out that we have recourse with the company that actually makes the drug - they have their own program for kidney patients whose insurance will not pay with a sliding scale.  At this point, I may apply to that and say to hell with the insurance.

Go Bernie.  End this cruel bull shit.

Thanks for caring!

Summer Foovay

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