Monday, March 21, 2016

Look Out Wattpad Here I Am

I am quite proud of myself today.

Of late it is all I can do to actually accomplish anything I plan with respect to writing or art.  Real life has been most insistent about taking up all my time.  I hate it when that happens.

Yesterday was Ostara, and so I spent most of it relaxing.  Which in my case usually means staring into space and thinking (when I wasn't doing my daily chores or decorating eggs).  Finally it is spring - and such a very typical spring type spring with chilly nights, and warm days with cold breezes that won't quit.  The winter seems to have lasted much longer than I expected this year - both in the way of cold weather, and in misfortunes.  You know how all our misfortunes tend to crowd into the winter.

Life is taking one last whack at us, but I have confidence that we will surmount that issue pretty soon.  Medicare once again is trying to say the hubby may have spontaneously grown a new set of kidneys and no longer needs medical care.  I handed that over to the dialysis clinic - since they like to be paid I'm sure they will be right on top of that issue with minimal stressing out on our part.

I joined Wattpad quite some time ago, but only lately have found the time to do some reading there.  There are some talented folks on the site if you are looking for some free reading material.  I feel like it might be a good spot to post some of my work, especially short stuff that won't make a decent novel for Kindle.

So today I published the first part of a short mystery story set in New Mexico, Serendipity.  I hope if you are a Wattpad reader you will be good enough to give it five minutes or so of your time.  The plan (that sound you hear is the gods laughing) is to put up a few shorts, mainly things that are already finished, for the rest of March.

In April I am signed up for Camp Nanowrimo.  What I would like to do is drag out and blow the dust off one of the oldest Nanonovels and edit and publish as I go along on Wattpad.  I'm hoping the readership over there will give me the impetus to actually finish something publishable this year.  I'll take all the help I can get.

Speaking of which, I also started a project over at Feed the Muse.  I guess I don't get a space over there to describe what I am trying to raise that $2000 for in detail - so I'll do it here and then give you the link - in case you are feeling generous.  Actually, now that I think about it, it would be better to devote one entire blog post exclusively to that project so I really can go into detail, and then use it as a link. For now, I'll simply add the widget to the side of the blog here.

Blessedbe and thanks for hanging in with me

Summer Foovay

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