Thursday, March 17, 2016

It is Positively Spring

Yes - finally a positive post!  Spring has sprung not only outdoors in the real world, but in here on the computer, too!

Outdoors I had the great pleasure of seeing for the very first time a baby jackrabbit.  He flat puzzled me for a minute as he loped across a clear space in my view.  He was round, fuzzy, and cute like our Desert Cottontail Rabbits - but he had the enormous ears of my beloved Black Tailed Jackrabbit.  And in his case, enormous is the only word for it - I think they were longer than his entire body!  Cute and awkward as a colt - all legs and ears in the case of the baby jackrabbit.  What a treat to see him!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, by the way.  Don't drink too much green beer.  I had a bit o' the irish in my coffee this morning and that will do for me.

Otherwise, I have spent the day working at the Mechanical Turk and loving every minute of it.

You may recall the whole long story of how HSBC suddenly "discovered" I was in Mexico when I gave them my new address this winter.  From there it was like dominoes falling as I closed that account, opened a new one here in NEW Mexico, and then Amazon refused to confirm it for Amazon Payments, although it is receiving my KDP and blog payments just fine.  I wrote and called and called and wrote and begged and screamed and used a lot of bad words but nothing worked and they would not confirm the bank account for Amazon payments.  This caused me to lose a dependable little stream of income - $20 or so a month.   Might not mean much to you - but to us it can be the difference between eating and going hungry.  Plus I can reach out and work no matter where I am and have the money appear in my bank account - which is perfect for our gypsy life style.

I tried to replace that with day labor jobs only to have my husband fall ill, the car break down, the RV develop problems - clearly this life needs me to glue it together.  On top of all that, I lost even the occasional jobs cleaning houses.

Desperate, I meditated and prayed and got the goofy idea to write Jeff Bezos.  At which time I did a little Googling and discovered that he tries to project an image of availability, and even has an email for anyone having an Amazon problem to contact him.  I admit, I figured it was bullshit, but what the hell, I tried everything else.

So I emailed Jeff Bezos asking for help in getting the Amazon payments account fixed.

And within a few days, one of his assistants wrote back that they had fixed it.  Done.  Poof. And apologized. I got email confirmation that day.  Worked my butt off at the Turk the next day and the day after, and then, holding my breath, I transferred the first money to the Amazon Payments account in three months - and from there to my no longer quite so new bank account.

And this morning - it showed up at my bank.  I've been doing a happy dance ever since - when I'm not nailed to the computer doing little Mechanical Turk jobs and thanking all the powers that be for the opportunity.

Thank you Mr. Jeff Bezos, and your assistant, and all the good folks who post jobs at the Mechanical Turk.


Summer Foovay

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