Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A little advice and rant

Word of advice: NEVER EVER clean house for someone else. From that point on you are "the help" - someone of a lower social class. You will be expected to do the most awful work of toilets and ceilings and walls and do it for $2 or $3 an hour and be GRATEFUL for this PITTANCE - Pittance = PITY You see they are doing YOU a FAVOR to LET you scrub the toilet for money. So you know what? Let them scrub their own fucking toilet and I will go to Day Labor or a temp agency and get at least minimum wage without having to fight for it and be made to feel inferior.

Believe it or not, I clean house for older people because I feel I am doing them a SERVICE to do the harder things they are no longer able to do. I am actually HAPPY to feel that I am helping you out.  

However, I do expect to be paid a reasonable amount for the nasty, hard work I do. I certainly do not expect to have to BEG to be PAID ANYTHING and have you come off with an attitude.

I could be at home caring for my husbands needs, cleaning my own house, writing and drawing.

It may not pay as much as I would like and feel I deserve, but my writing and my art are more important to me than your toilet. If you are not going to pay me, then I may as well be home working on something I am passionate about and that I do believe in. If you are going to make me feel inferior and dirty and awful as I beg you to pay me - then you can do your own bathroom. And pay for my novels and coloring books and other products down the road.

Is it so much to ask?

All in all, it says something about how people in this society view "the help", doesn't it?  

Our society would like to put down anyone who isn't of a certain income level as worthless, lazy, somehow to blame for their income.  How many times do you have to read that people with Masters degrees and PhDs are working as janitors?  When will you learn that someone who is working as a maid is doing so in order to send their own children through college or so they can be home more to care for a disabled child or adult family member?  

I know, we have to be ugly to those "below us" to assure ourselves that we would never end up there because we are doing everything "right".  

Boy, are you in for a surprise.

Karma works.

And if your life is so sterile and without love that you have to judge and make yourself better by putting others down, then be aware that those of us you are putting down are shaking our heads at you in pity.  I'm sorry you are so cold that there is no family member or friend who wants to be with you, who will step up and gladly clean your home for you.  No one who loves you and cares about you enough to help you.

My husband is loved and will never have to worry about it as long as I am alive.  But, of course, that does mean that in order to be here for him I have to take lower paying, temporary, odd jobs.  But we have love and comfort and the assurance that we will be here for each other, always. Put me down all you want because I come home to a place full of warmth and happiness and love - leaving you there in your dirty, lonely home - however nice it may be.  

You have money and possessions.  I have love, passion, and self respect.  I made my decision about which I would rather have a long, long time ago.


Summer Foovay

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