Friday, January 29, 2016

National Puzzle Day!

January 29th is National Puzzle Day!  Did you know I'm such a hopeless jigsaw puzzle freak that I have a jigsaw puzzle blog that you can subscribe to through Amazon Kindle - or you can read it here on blogger, of course.  I also have my very own jigsaw puzzle store on Zazzle - click here to see it.  If you are a puzzle freak I have to tell you - don't dismiss those Zazzle puzzles because of the number of pieces.  They are more complex than you think.  If you buy them in the nice illustrated tin they also make great gifts.

Of course, it's Puzzle Day, not jigsaw puzzle day.  So also included are any and all puzzle games that you love - and I love a lot of them.  My DH is currently level 655+ on Candy Crush.  Myself, Red Herring is more my speed - and of course - electronic jigsaw puzzle games.  Give yourself a break today - go play with all your favorite puzzles.  It will be good for your brain!

I am still writing and drawing although I haven't done as much as I would like so far this year.  Due to financial concerns I've taken some day labor jobs.  I must be getting old - it takes me days after one of these to get over it and get my life back in order.  We also had another ER run with the husband.  The good news is he has degenerative arthritis in his hips.  Well, we thought maybe he broke one - so "only arthritis" - that's good news.  Sort of.  We've been referred again to a Pain Management specialist.  They want $150 in cash up front to even start the process of helping us and they do not accept our insurance.  Basically, they gave him two Tylenol and told him to go home and suffer.  (And then they wonder why poor people self-medicate with street drugs and booze)

Speaking of our government of cruelty and barbarism - the BLM has a nifty new plan to sterilize wild horse mares.  They get a vet to reach up the mares asshole, feel around and find her ovaries, and then rip them out.  No pain meds, no after care.  No pregnancy check beforehand.  I wonder how many will simply drop dead in the stock from shock?  I wonder how they find a vet willing to do this?  I wonder how they'd like it if someone reached up their asshole, grabbed their balls and ripped them out?  Sorry - but I find this to be beyond the pale - even for the BLM.  If you do, too - you can tell the BLM the public does not find this acceptable at this link.

Unique Eclectic Accumulation - it's called that for a reason - LOL.

Go forth and have a good puzzle day.  I am going to go lose myself in some writing and artwork.  Maybe add a few puzzles at the store.


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