Friday, December 11, 2015

What? Nanowrimo 2015 STILL?

Funny, Figures, Children, ColorfulDon't I know it is December?  Well, yes, I do.  But the novel isn't done yet!  And from taking it all as a joke, to hating it, I've moved to loving these people too much to leave them hanging like that.  So the novel is now up to almost 60,000 words and I think the end is in sight.  At the very least it is in my head.  Mostly.  Not the VERY end.  

And when I finish?  Well, I'm going to set it aside for a bit and let it marinate.  It is going to need massive rewriting.  I may even name the characters I now love so much.

The other day I was trying to hunt up a particular image that I know exists, somewhere, and during my search I turned up file folders with names like Nanowrimo 2011, Nanowrimo 2012, you get the picture.  They are in various states from unfinished novels to finished and partially edited to - I think one or two have like 20K words and that's it.  So my big plan is, when I finally finish off Tainted Love, I am going to go dredge those poor manuscripts up and get to work on them.  I might even finally publish a new novel or two next year!

It has been years since I had a dozen irons in the fire from Squidoo to porn websites. much more peaceful.  The hubby reminded me yet again this week that he has tried to retire me three or four times now, and can't get it to take.  But maybe I'm finally getting old or something - I would rather spend time with him, or traveling, reading, doing origami, playing video games, than bashing my head on the latest get rich on the Internet quick with your creative work game.  Truthfully, maybe I have learned (finally) that the only people actually getting rich on those are the ones promising to get you rich - while the actual content creators end up with little or nothing for their efforts.

We are far from rich, but we have enough to get along.  After all - we do have the American dream of owning our own home (on wheels), and our own car.

So what I am babbling around about is I am moving away from trying to write whatever will make me money.  The subjects I choose for Nano are inevitably just for the fun of it, or because (like Bloodline) they are in my head bashing down doors to get out.  Time to have some damn fun!  I'm putting them out there, and if you like them and buy them - YAY - and if you don't.  Oh well.

I have yet to find an outlet for selling my art in any significant way that I like.  It may be that I end up doing customs on Aywas for a little extra money - it's fun at least! And ya know - although the arteeeest community makes my head ache - I do live in New Mexico and there are a gazillion open air art markets, galleries and so on.  Maybe I can find a spot to fit in here somewhere. Maybe someplace I can sell origami and jewelry as well as drawings and paintings.  And, of course, there's always drawing, publishing and selling coloring books - maybe through Create Space or something.  The thing is - they will inevitably cost something like ten bucks - which I personally find outrageous.  But maybe other people won't?

I no longer have the Zazzle stores or products that I was even so recently advertising here.  Yep, deleted the whole account.  Zazzle has gone from being rather frustrating to completely impossible to deal with.  I don't need the misery for a whopping $30 or so a year.  And I think that was pretty much the last straw, the last try at dealing with anything like that.  Not worth it. I'm not even an Amazon affiliate any more since they have decided they have to charge a fee if you don't make much.  Basically, they want you to PAY to be an affiliate so you can make a few pennies and then pay them ten times as much for the opportunity.  Whaaaa?  So, yeah, done with that, too.

I did apply for a blogging job...  and of course I can always do a little Mechanical Turk work if I want fun money for games and books... but by and large if you don't see me, I'm writing.  Or drawing.  Or maybe folding.  Or maybe just hanging out with the hubby.


Summer Foovay

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  1. Great to hear you are finally getting completely off the IM hamster wheel! I am absolutely certain you will feel much better for it.


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