Saturday, December 26, 2015

It's Snowing! I'm writing!

It's snowing!  I love snow!  Big, huge fluffy flakes falling so thick and fast that I can't get a photo of them for you because they come out as white streaks.  It is starting to accumulate in patches here and there, so maybe in the morning I can get a photo of a beautiful winter wonderland!

Hubby and I had exactly one errand to run before the predicted winter storm - a trip to the library to return books and get a few new ones.  Those who know me will hardly believe we were in and out in fifteen minutes!  It's true!  I grabbed a couple more true crime books, a horse book, and a couple of novels and was done.  Now here I sit watching lovely snow and knowing we have food, water, electric for heat and gas for cooking, and plenty of books, games, and jigsaw puzzles to hole up and watch it snow for days.

Of course, this is New Mexico and I will be lucky if it actually manages to snow all weekend.  But that's okay, I'll take what I can get.  I much prefer snow that visits for a few days to snow that hangs around for months and gets all dirty and slushy and icy.

Meanwhile, I've been good to my word of writing a short story a day - starting today rather than on Christmas.  I wanted a day off to change gears - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  Today I wrote a simple little 1755 word short story that was submitted to the library at Aywas.  It will be my first book at Aywas if it is accepted - and I'll be pretty much over the moon about it. What can I say - I seem to have a new gaming obsession.  They let me write, and draw, and play, too.  Oh - and hoard pets.  That's important.  And the people are really nice - which is a biggie to me also.

Tomorrow - oh I don't know.  Probably something shorter since I think I will take the day off electronics and be writing by hand.  While gathering up all the old Nanos into a folder, I also gathered a lot of little short story nuggets and bits and bobs and ideas and so on and tossed them in a folder, too.  Who knows what might crawl out of my wicked little brain.

I'll keep you posted.


Summer Foovay

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