Friday, December 4, 2015

Checking in from the December of Short Stories

As so often happens, I've been derailed from my best intentions during the first week of the month.  This has to do with bill paying, shopping, and often two clinic appointments for the husband that frequently take up a whole day one way and another.  Just to be sure our week would be full, the husband took a major fall on Wednesday, landing on his head.  (Yes, the parking lot is okay - and after a couple of rough days, so is hubby).  To top that off, we had to take a one day road trip to take care of some business.

I did get a little writing done.  Not as much as I would like.  Knowing this could happen, I had already decided I would probably write on Sunday rather than taking the day off from all electronics as I normally do.  And I am writing a blog post!

I did get a number of origami projects folded as gifts for the wonderful people at the dialysis clinic who do such a fine job of keeping the hubby as healthy as possible, and making a good quality of life available for him.  Because I had short bits of time to kill here and there, I also got some studying done - I am still learning Japanese and probably will be for life.  And I did get a few art projects created for Aywas.  So the week wasn't a total wash.  And it ain't over yet!

And then my email offered up this. teamed up with my beloved Big Cat Rescue to offer a number of live streaming webcams of the cats.  And then I discovered all the other great livestreams of animals and nature this website offers.  OMG.  I could surf and watch all day long.  There is nothing I love more than watching wildlife and domestic animals hanging out doing animal stuff.  Sigh.  What was it I was supposed to be doing?

Oh yeah, writing short stories.  I also watched this fascinating Ted talk, by Ann Morgan: My year reading a book from every country in the world.  Very thought provoking stuff for anyone who reads, or writes, or - breathes.  Yes, I could drop hours and hours watching Ted talks.

My hubby is a TV person - and sees to it that I do watch those shows he thinks I will be interested in.  From King of the Nerds to various other game type shows I have noticed a pattern.  The people who are writers invariably have a wide range of knowledge at their fingertips, and if given time, know how to find more on any given subject.  Any really good writer spends untold hours on research - or as I often call it - down the rabbit hole.  I see an interesting article, and end up researching more and more until ...  I'm down the rabbit hole.  But I also discover a mass of very interesting things that are quite likely to end up in a story someday - if I can figure out how.

So I think I ought to get to count the hours I spend staring at big cat live streams as working - don't you?


Summer Foovay

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