Wednesday, November 4, 2015

You know what I want - my top 20 sellers in November - all of them are still FREE on Kindle right now

The title is the punch line for a silly old dirty joke I learned a really long time ago.  So it is a bit of a in  joke, I'm afraid, but it suits.

You see, I had the nicest day today getting settled into winter camp and then writing on my Nanowrimo novel, and then doing the write in with the nano folks and on my way to winding down I had a look at my KDP stats and was amazed to see that I have had literally HUNDREDS of books downloaded during these freebie days.  So I hit the next reports to see which books got downloaded the most.

Let me tell you right now - the books I've been talking about, novels, kids books, filled out the bottom ten of the forty or so books listed as downloaded.  Here is the top twenty or so (which have had NO advertising or mentions anywhere)


Revenge Fuck - under my pen name Petit Morte this is the 3rd book in a 3 book series, oddly enough it seems more popular than the first two. You really don't have to read all 3, and this one gets into some bondage, discipline, fisting and large toys which may be why it is the most popular.
Mike's Sexual Education is the second book of the series above and seems well ranked for interracial erotica
Naughty Wife and the Shoe Salesman You will notice a number of Naughty Wife books in the top ten - they are consistent sellers and very popular. I should give up everything else and just crank these out - except...
In Praise of Older Women This is the first book of Mike's Sexual Education and is a bit vanilla outside of interracial and the cougar. The woman not the cat.
How to eat Pussy the unrivaled front runner in my sex "how to" books - in spite of a one star review. I think it is more likely people are embarassed to admit they DID learn something.
The New Maid Forced feminization, bit of bondage and discipline, male slave, dominatrix - what's not to love?
A Lotta Bull under yet another pen name - because I wouldn't want to lose the guys who HATE it when women write sizzling hot gay male fiction.

For about a year I wrote little else for one agent. My favorite compliment? One of her customers wanted to know when I had been to the foreign country I wrote about because he was sure we would have met at the gay bars - he was that sure I was a gay male, and that I had been there. Is that cool or what? But anyway, I only have 3 gay male sex stories out on Kindle and haven't made a big effort at doing anything - OMG - is Fox finally being DISCOVERED? (I admit, these are fun, I should do more)

Tough Guys yes, the Fox again. More gay male rough sex story
Naughty Wife and the Cajun Biker More naughty wives - imagine how popular these might be if I could afford to buy 5 star reviews, call them romance, and advertise like the big girls do? LOL
Rough I actually love this rough sex gay male sex story - it's one of my own favorites. Very dark.
Naughty Wife at the Formal Dinner I actually like this one a lot too - it's funny. Okay, I think it is funny - I have a sick, ironic twisted humor at times.
Femdom Spanking This is kind of a favorite of mine - all girls, all spanking, a wee bit of hot sex. Okay, maybe more than a wee bit.
How to give your lover a sexy lap dance This is another good little seller - now and then it makes it to the top in the list of Dance>popular and makes me giggle. But now that pole dancing is an acceptable "art" or "exercise" I guess that's to be expected.
Tall, Dark, and Hung This would do better if I would retitle it - because it is also a naughty wife book, and interracial to boot.
Fairy Wings I actually feel that this is a little love story - the special love and trust and devotion between a female slave and her mistress, but there is knife play. You have to really love and trust someone to let them take a knife to you though, don't you?
Fister Many people think all exotic dancers really do is run around having promiscuous sex day and night. This one does.
Trade All four of the gay sex books are in the top 20 - maybe I'll sit down and crank out a new batch next month...
Sassy Only three books of this series about a bisexual woman made the top 20s - but they are all a bit special to me.
Sumalee Makes A Love Slave Out Of Me and here they are, three of the Joey books, bunched up at the bottom. Maybe they do have an audience?
Easy Threesome Funny how if you write sex stories, people always ask if they are all real experiences of your own. Before you ask, some of them are, some of the names are changed to protect the guilty, some of them should have been, some of them I wished happened, and some are total imagination. Seriously? Okay, I may be a gay (bisexual) male on some level, but haven't had rough gay sex, so obviously, some things are imagination. And I wouldn't tell you if they weren't. LOL

So there is the top 20.  Someone tell me why I bother writing anything else?


Summer Foovay

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  1. I'm glad to hear your books are getting readers. I've heard some writers republish with a new cover to better target their audience. It seems to me that some of your covers are too simplistic or repetitive. Might be worth commissioning a cover redesign.


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