Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Oh yeah! Jigsaw Puzzles!

I seriously had almost forgotten I even had this Zazzle store -My Jigsaw Puzzles until it made a sale in spite of me!  It's one of those projects that I began, then it never did much, and I let it go by as life sent me in other directions.  The puzzles are very nice, good quality, and come in a pretty metal box with the picture on the top - so if you are looking for a nice little gift for someone who enjoys jigsaw puzzles - or even a stocking stuffer - these are perfect!  Most of the puzzles I have made right now have a bit of an Old West or even southwest flair - from old western paintings, my photos of the southwest and a few of birds, and a couple of fairies because - hey, it's me. Maybe once I get done with Nanowrimo I will spend a little more time adding to these designs - because I do think they would make great Christmas gifts.

Here is a favorite montage jigsaw puzzle for horse folks:

Hanging Out At the Barn Jigsaw Puzzles
Hanging Out At the Barn Jigsaw Puzzles by MyJigsawPuzzles

Speaking of Nanowrimo - I am a wee bit ahead of goal again, and those Pomodoro things are working great for me! I've also found a nearly hypnotic subliminal music at Youtube that "puts me in the zone" so to speak.

As of today - I dedicate myself to the inevitable financial success of my artwork, and my writing.  No more talk of taking a J-O-B to get by or make a little extra money to do this or that. I am sure that if I truly dedicate myself, and all my focus, on my talents and skills for art and for writing that I will earn as much if not far more in the long run.  Keep watching this blog for more!


Summer Foovay

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