Monday, November 16, 2015

Nanowrimo update and Gamer Girl triumphs among other things

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Does it make me sound like too much of a gamer girl geek to brag that I am in the top 1% on the leader board for Hungry Shark?  Well, I am, as if yesterday morning.  Yay me.

This is a big deal to me, actually - because I am the pits at games.  The few I am good at tend towards nice, quiet, non-timed puzzle games like Mahjongg.  So in the last two days or so, I've made it to the top of the Hungry Shark leader board (I've been top 2% for months and played it for years), managed to get everything I wanted and almost every one of the pets for the Halloween event - despite a late start, and even won a boss fight in the gauntlet of Mage & Minions.  Whoot!

On the other hand, you could also suspect this means I am becoming a world champion procrastinator at Nanowrimo...  I did catch up on my word count Saturday - but am once again behind as a result of taking my usual Sunday no electronics day off.  I really felt I was close enough to the word count to be able to afford it and we had a great day Sunday. This morning I joined the Aywas Nanowrimo event - so if you play at Aywas you can find my novels very rough first draft on the forum if you are interested. The title is "Tainted Love".

(Oh stop gasping - I doubt I publish this one, and even if I did, right now it isn't worth stealing.  I also decided a long time ago that if someone wants to steal your work they're gonna do it.  If you created it you can always defend yourself from plagarism later by showing the original files)

Sunday we made a trip to the library and I think we both went a little gonzo!  I came home with a handful of true crime and graphic novels, as well as the first part of Pimsleur's Japanese course.  One thing I've missed is big city libraries.  Mind you, I love exploring small town libraries - but having an entire shelf of true crime instead of five or six books is bliss.  So many books, so little time - and you don't want to know how much is sitting on my Kindle besides.

I also discovered a neat little productivity thing that I believe might be very good for me and my creations.  It's called Pomodoros and rather highly resembles those word sprints that have been working so well for me that I am prepping to work them into my writing for the next several months.  Chris Winfield explains it a lot better than I do, and has a lot of little productivity apps and websites and things to help you along, too.  If you have as much trouble as I do with procrastination - check it out.  I did a few Pomo's Saturday and liked it.  Read all the info and started them seriously today - hey, this is my second one!  Blogging!  Check!

My goodness - the pictures you find if you Google gamer girl!  I must say I don't look like that when I am gaming - I suspect I look much more like the picture above from one of my personal favorite animes, Watamote.


Summer Foovay

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