Saturday, November 28, 2015

#Nanowinner ! Wahoo! Novel details and excerpt!

Wahoo!  For once in my life I've actually finished Nanowrimo EARLY - like yesterday, actually, November 27.  I was all prepared to brag like mad and my Internet connection went down!  Damn it!

I'm still insufferably proud of myself - of lo the many years I have participated in Nanowrimo, I can't recall any other year in which I actually finished early.  I am infamous for being up until midnight November 30, pounding away at the keyboard.
So what was different this year?  Word sprints with my friend, Rachel Kelso (thank you, thank you, thank you).  I also "attended" several of the Nanowrimo Write-in's on YouTube.  And did a few #Nanowordsprints on Twitter.  Part of the way through the month I discovered Pomodoros and Kanbanflow from another source and started using them, partially because I had found such success with word sprints.  They really do the trick for my productivity, not only for Nanowrimo, but for a number of my other projects as well.

Of course, I will continue writing every day - life permitting - until this novel is finished, and even after that on other books and stories.  But this has been the perfect way to get started with a good working routine during winter camp.  I hope to get a lot done while we are sitting in one spot this winter!

The working name of this novel is Tainted Love - I'm pretty sure that will change but it will give you some sort of a reference point to go on with.  Here is the synopsis, in case you haven't hopped up to Nanowrimo to see:

It is the late 1800s and a newlywed couple is unexpectedly stranded during their honeymoon in an isolated mountain village.  A castle looms on the peaks.  When the bride suddenly vanishes, the young husband is unable to get the townspeople to take him seriously or help in any way.  Finally, he is told that the Count in the castle high above is a vampire, and that young women and children have been vanishing for many years.  Alone but determined, he decides to confront the Count and save his bride.

Well, that is the original synopsis - things have changed somewhat since then.  But as you can see by the excerpt below - it is still a good ways from the grand finale:

 Tonight a meeting like no other has convened in Rosemary’s hut in the woods outside of Bberg.  My mind has been in a whirl since so many truths have come to light.  I am hoping that recording this meeting, with clear organized notes might do well both to settle my thoughts, and serve as a reminder should I become lost in the forest in my mind again.  It is so much darker and more unfriendly than the forest where Rosemary’s hut sits.

Present are Gruen and his vast friend Whosit, Mr and Mrs. C, Professor D, myself, my beloved and recently recovered Gabriella, and Rosemary the Hedge Witch.

As we gathered together, Professor D (and myself if I may say so) had a number of questions for the locals regarding their conviction that the Count is, indeed, the culprit behind these mysterious illnesses and disappearances.  

Yes, I worked in a hedge witch, among others and now the poor groom is not so all alone in his quest.  The novel is still in very, and I do mean VERY rough draft with - as you can see - main characters who don't even have proper names and for the moment I'm simply calling the vampire (or is he a "mere" psychopathic serial killer?) Count Dracula.  Hey - it was about the word count, right?  I'll keep you posted on how this novel is going - I've decided I like it enough to shine it up for publication.  And if I'm gonna do this one, well I do have another vampire novel in the WIP folder I may as well shine up and finish, too.  And it is a - a - a - ROMANCE.

Did you just drop dead of shock?  Yeah, well, I can't control what crawls out of my brain sometimes.

Stay tuned to this blog for more writing news and as this month goes on, more art and Zazzle store stuff as well.

If you are still Nanowrimo writing - GAMBATTE!  (Do your best)


Summer Foovay

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