Thursday, November 26, 2015

Model Railroads, Wild Birds, Goats, Nanowrimo; An Abundance of Blessings

If you do the Thanksgiving thing I hope you are having a great holiday.  We don't, we give thanks every single day for our many blessings.

Most of all today, I am thankful for a great dialysis nurse who got woke up at 5 am, and drove an hour to come into to work on her holiday off and repair the hubby's dialysis catheter.  If not for Rosa, we would probably still be sitting in an Emergency Room and end up all day in the hospital while they found someone who knows how to repair this properly without putting hubby at risk of peritonitus.  Actually, there is no way to do it without some risk - but certain medical personnel are better trained and more experienced in the best care of this little niche specialty.

I am so grateful, too, for our wonderful Firefly (motor home) which allows us to choose to live in "the big city" of Las Cruces, NM for winter camp, where we have the correct and necessary medical care available.  Last winter we were in a not-mobile house in Truth or Consequences, NM - where they have no facility for dialysis care at all and I hear they simply hung a closed sign on the clinic and walked off this week.  (Typical T or C).  We would have had to drive about two hours to get to Las Cruces for care (in cold rain may I add), and that would mean we would have had to do a treatment in the car on the road, if not more than one.

I mention the not-mobile house because one thing I love about the motor home is if he has a medical emergency - even if we are a few hundred miles from his dialysis care group - I can take the whole damn HOUSE to Las Cruces, do his treatments in comfort and safety and if he is in doctors offices all day or ends up in the hospital - we still have all the comforts of home at hand.  I'm loving (and grateful for) this RV lifestyle!

So yeah - I could live without little medical emergencies at 5 am, but as emergencies go - this was so much more manageable than some we have been through!  Yes!  I am grateful!

I haven't got a bit done on the novel today - YET - but I wanted to share the photos we took way back this Sunday!

The Dona Ana Modular Railroad was on display at Good Samaritan Village Sunday.  We love model railroads - so we had to go see.

So that's how they got the dragons to Hogwarts!

I found it very cool they had an engine turntable. They are rather unusual.  I got to see a real one at the Railroad museum in Scranton, PA - super interesting.
 We loved seeing the old Nomad with the egg trailer - we looked at buying one of those - the trailer, although we wouldn't mind the Nomad either.

This is my favorite pic of the bunch.  ^

I was also very impressed with the artwork displayed in the Good Samaritan social center - there are some very talented residents!

From there we went to Burns Lake, a small park in Las Cruces.  Hubby had seen signs for it and got all excited, thinking maybe we would have someplace handy to get the kayak wet.  Sadly, he learned that the lake was dry and has been for a couple of years.  We went to see the park anyway, as it is close and might be a great place for our walks.

The lake might be dry, but the soccer field was flooded!  So much so that a big flock of ducks had moved in.

As we walked down the path, we discovered to our surprise a very large herd of goats were also living in the bottom of the dry lake!

Hubby thinks they are strays.  I think perhaps they are there on purpose to keep the brush down until the lake has water again.  Either way - they were delightful to watch.  I have a soft spot for goats after my spoiled pet goats.
We had a great weekend in the 'big city' over all.  I'm sure we will find lots to love here - and will still be rarin' to go by next spring.  It's gypsy feet I've got.

Speaking of which, it is no doubt time for me to get to work on my Nanowrimo novel (which has gypsies in it).  Only 4,000 words or so to go to get the win - although the novel won't be done by then I'm sure.  I plan to keep right on going through December if necessary.


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