Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Another great day for Nano

Six thousand words today on Nanowrimo!  Whoot!  Thanks for the Nanowrimo Write-ins on You Tube!  Mind you - I already had about 4K, but I got another 2K and the sprompts were oddly perfect for this point in the book.  I'm really happy with all my characters. I worked in the green hedge witch and I'm really happy with her and how the others react to her, even though I am probably going to kill her tomorrow.  It has become abundantly clear that there is no way I'm going to kill this vampire in the next four thousand words (or ten thousand for that matter), but I'm simply going to keep going even after I "win" Nano.

Monday I planned to blog about our lovely Sunday spent doing a bit more exploring - but when I downloaded the pictures from the camera I discovered I also had a bunch from our last few days on the road and by the time I had everything edited, some writing done, the usual daily chores - I didn't have time to blog about it any more!

Tuesday we had to fire up the Firefly and go pick up hubby's dialysis supplies.  Due to our procrastination and sheer laziness I suppose, it took us an hour to get her on the road instead of our usual 20 minutes.  She was reluctant, too - something about being neglected for almost a month then expected to go pick up a few hundred pounds of dialysate.  By the time I got that loaded onto the truck, I was pretty wiped out.  I did a little bit at Aywas, wrote a little, read a bit, and crashed.

Now you know where most of today went off too - tomorrow I shall have photos and inane chatter about our travels and who knows - maybe a winners badge from Nano.  But for tonight - this shall have to do.  If you do the holiday, have a good holiday and try to remember to spend a minute or two actually feeling gratitude for your blessings.


Summer Foovay

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