Saturday, November 28, 2015

#Nanowinner ! Wahoo! Novel details and excerpt!

Wahoo!  For once in my life I've actually finished Nanowrimo EARLY - like yesterday, actually, November 27.  I was all prepared to brag like mad and my Internet connection went down!  Damn it!

I'm still insufferably proud of myself - of lo the many years I have participated in Nanowrimo, I can't recall any other year in which I actually finished early.  I am infamous for being up until midnight November 30, pounding away at the keyboard.
So what was different this year?  Word sprints with my friend, Rachel Kelso (thank you, thank you, thank you).  I also "attended" several of the Nanowrimo Write-in's on YouTube.  And did a few #Nanowordsprints on Twitter.  Part of the way through the month I discovered Pomodoros and Kanbanflow from another source and started using them, partially because I had found such success with word sprints.  They really do the trick for my productivity, not only for Nanowrimo, but for a number of my other projects as well.

Of course, I will continue writing every day - life permitting - until this novel is finished, and even after that on other books and stories.  But this has been the perfect way to get started with a good working routine during winter camp.  I hope to get a lot done while we are sitting in one spot this winter!

The working name of this novel is Tainted Love - I'm pretty sure that will change but it will give you some sort of a reference point to go on with.  Here is the synopsis, in case you haven't hopped up to Nanowrimo to see:

It is the late 1800s and a newlywed couple is unexpectedly stranded during their honeymoon in an isolated mountain village.  A castle looms on the peaks.  When the bride suddenly vanishes, the young husband is unable to get the townspeople to take him seriously or help in any way.  Finally, he is told that the Count in the castle high above is a vampire, and that young women and children have been vanishing for many years.  Alone but determined, he decides to confront the Count and save his bride.

Well, that is the original synopsis - things have changed somewhat since then.  But as you can see by the excerpt below - it is still a good ways from the grand finale:

 Tonight a meeting like no other has convened in Rosemary’s hut in the woods outside of Bberg.  My mind has been in a whirl since so many truths have come to light.  I am hoping that recording this meeting, with clear organized notes might do well both to settle my thoughts, and serve as a reminder should I become lost in the forest in my mind again.  It is so much darker and more unfriendly than the forest where Rosemary’s hut sits.

Present are Gruen and his vast friend Whosit, Mr and Mrs. C, Professor D, myself, my beloved and recently recovered Gabriella, and Rosemary the Hedge Witch.

As we gathered together, Professor D (and myself if I may say so) had a number of questions for the locals regarding their conviction that the Count is, indeed, the culprit behind these mysterious illnesses and disappearances.  

Yes, I worked in a hedge witch, among others and now the poor groom is not so all alone in his quest.  The novel is still in very, and I do mean VERY rough draft with - as you can see - main characters who don't even have proper names and for the moment I'm simply calling the vampire (or is he a "mere" psychopathic serial killer?) Count Dracula.  Hey - it was about the word count, right?  I'll keep you posted on how this novel is going - I've decided I like it enough to shine it up for publication.  And if I'm gonna do this one, well I do have another vampire novel in the WIP folder I may as well shine up and finish, too.  And it is a - a - a - ROMANCE.

Did you just drop dead of shock?  Yeah, well, I can't control what crawls out of my brain sometimes.

Stay tuned to this blog for more writing news and as this month goes on, more art and Zazzle store stuff as well.

If you are still Nanowrimo writing - GAMBATTE!  (Do your best)


Summer Foovay

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Model Railroads, Wild Birds, Goats, Nanowrimo; An Abundance of Blessings

If you do the Thanksgiving thing I hope you are having a great holiday.  We don't, we give thanks every single day for our many blessings.

Most of all today, I am thankful for a great dialysis nurse who got woke up at 5 am, and drove an hour to come into to work on her holiday off and repair the hubby's dialysis catheter.  If not for Rosa, we would probably still be sitting in an Emergency Room and end up all day in the hospital while they found someone who knows how to repair this properly without putting hubby at risk of peritonitus.  Actually, there is no way to do it without some risk - but certain medical personnel are better trained and more experienced in the best care of this little niche specialty.

I am so grateful, too, for our wonderful Firefly (motor home) which allows us to choose to live in "the big city" of Las Cruces, NM for winter camp, where we have the correct and necessary medical care available.  Last winter we were in a not-mobile house in Truth or Consequences, NM - where they have no facility for dialysis care at all and I hear they simply hung a closed sign on the clinic and walked off this week.  (Typical T or C).  We would have had to drive about two hours to get to Las Cruces for care (in cold rain may I add), and that would mean we would have had to do a treatment in the car on the road, if not more than one.

I mention the not-mobile house because one thing I love about the motor home is if he has a medical emergency - even if we are a few hundred miles from his dialysis care group - I can take the whole damn HOUSE to Las Cruces, do his treatments in comfort and safety and if he is in doctors offices all day or ends up in the hospital - we still have all the comforts of home at hand.  I'm loving (and grateful for) this RV lifestyle!

So yeah - I could live without little medical emergencies at 5 am, but as emergencies go - this was so much more manageable than some we have been through!  Yes!  I am grateful!

I haven't got a bit done on the novel today - YET - but I wanted to share the photos we took way back this Sunday!

The Dona Ana Modular Railroad was on display at Good Samaritan Village Sunday.  We love model railroads - so we had to go see.

So that's how they got the dragons to Hogwarts!

I found it very cool they had an engine turntable. They are rather unusual.  I got to see a real one at the Railroad museum in Scranton, PA - super interesting.
 We loved seeing the old Nomad with the egg trailer - we looked at buying one of those - the trailer, although we wouldn't mind the Nomad either.

This is my favorite pic of the bunch.  ^

I was also very impressed with the artwork displayed in the Good Samaritan social center - there are some very talented residents!

From there we went to Burns Lake, a small park in Las Cruces.  Hubby had seen signs for it and got all excited, thinking maybe we would have someplace handy to get the kayak wet.  Sadly, he learned that the lake was dry and has been for a couple of years.  We went to see the park anyway, as it is close and might be a great place for our walks.

The lake might be dry, but the soccer field was flooded!  So much so that a big flock of ducks had moved in.

As we walked down the path, we discovered to our surprise a very large herd of goats were also living in the bottom of the dry lake!

Hubby thinks they are strays.  I think perhaps they are there on purpose to keep the brush down until the lake has water again.  Either way - they were delightful to watch.  I have a soft spot for goats after my spoiled pet goats.
We had a great weekend in the 'big city' over all.  I'm sure we will find lots to love here - and will still be rarin' to go by next spring.  It's gypsy feet I've got.

Speaking of which, it is no doubt time for me to get to work on my Nanowrimo novel (which has gypsies in it).  Only 4,000 words or so to go to get the win - although the novel won't be done by then I'm sure.  I plan to keep right on going through December if necessary.


Summer Foovay

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Another great day for Nano

Six thousand words today on Nanowrimo!  Whoot!  Thanks for the Nanowrimo Write-ins on You Tube!  Mind you - I already had about 4K, but I got another 2K and the sprompts were oddly perfect for this point in the book.  I'm really happy with all my characters. I worked in the green hedge witch and I'm really happy with her and how the others react to her, even though I am probably going to kill her tomorrow.  It has become abundantly clear that there is no way I'm going to kill this vampire in the next four thousand words (or ten thousand for that matter), but I'm simply going to keep going even after I "win" Nano.

Monday I planned to blog about our lovely Sunday spent doing a bit more exploring - but when I downloaded the pictures from the camera I discovered I also had a bunch from our last few days on the road and by the time I had everything edited, some writing done, the usual daily chores - I didn't have time to blog about it any more!

Tuesday we had to fire up the Firefly and go pick up hubby's dialysis supplies.  Due to our procrastination and sheer laziness I suppose, it took us an hour to get her on the road instead of our usual 20 minutes.  She was reluctant, too - something about being neglected for almost a month then expected to go pick up a few hundred pounds of dialysate.  By the time I got that loaded onto the truck, I was pretty wiped out.  I did a little bit at Aywas, wrote a little, read a bit, and crashed.

Now you know where most of today went off too - tomorrow I shall have photos and inane chatter about our travels and who knows - maybe a winners badge from Nano.  But for tonight - this shall have to do.  If you do the holiday, have a good holiday and try to remember to spend a minute or two actually feeling gratitude for your blessings.


Summer Foovay

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Shatterday on Nanowrimo

I still can't believe how well I am rolling along on Nanowrimo this year.  It really shows what a difference focus and concentration can make.  All this time I thought I did focus and concentrate, but there is such a difference using the Pomodoros and word sprints.  For the first time I can remember I have been ahead on the word count on almost every day of the month.

From a very nebulous idea to a 39K story, the novel has grown and, as of today anyway, grown on me.  There were a few days I hated it, and probably at least a week when I looked at it as finger/brain exercises, but it is growing on me.  Due to using quite a few prompts, it is a bit of a mess but I finally allowed myself to do a fast swing through with spell-check today to pull out some very extraneous shit (like the // I use to mark beginnings and endings of sprints so I can get the word count) that I was afraid the counter was counting as words and overall it's not too bad.  I may, by golly, clean it up and publish it after all.

Now that I am 39K in and can see the story is maybe halfway done, I am also thinking that rather than leaving it hanging (since I have had the ending almost since the beginning) I will go on past the 50K - maybe using the Dec. 15th deadline for the Aywas Nanowrimo event as my deadline.  I will have to figure out if I can do that and still stick to my plan for December - which was to crank out some new sex stories under the Petit Morte, and Randall Fox pen names, as well as do some updating on the old titles.  I got a bit lazy and they need updated covers, and front and back matter that will help (I hope) pump some sales.  I wish I could afford to purchase 5 star reviews.  I'm pretty sure that's the only way most of the sex books will get any reviews - most people don't like to admit they read them, let alone like them - unless they do the big pretense of "oh erotic ROMANCE".  *coughcoughgag* and since I don't do that, ah well.  I'm told my sex books appeal more to a male audience and you don't see them doing reviews.

On the other hand, I'm also giving Mechanical Turk an hour or more a day right now because I need a liddle cash flow this month.  I don't think I'll have to put so much time into that next month, so maybe I can split writing time between the sex stories and the vampire.

It is to be hoped that picking up on the blog and other promotions will have you rushing off to buy books and greeting cards and thus my royalties will begin picking up.  Plus I have some expenses I expect to go down - such as fuel for the motorhome, since we are parked in winter camp.  Of course, the parking spot costs more, but the two will even out to the good by spring, I'm sure.

Damn.  I'm writing (sort of) a vampire novel.  Maybe I oughta make up a new pen name - LOL.  Well, I do have one other vampire novel in the works that I would like to finish someday, too.  I really only refuse to write them because they are so popular - way to shoot yourself in the foot, Summer!  Well, and my vampires are more Nosferatu than Twilight, so I'm not sure how readers will take that these days.

Enough of my babble - it is a beautiful day here in New Mexico and I'm off to enjoy it while I can!


Summer Foovay

The photo is from pixabay - I should look this good hhhhh

Friday, November 20, 2015

It's Freya's Day!

It's Friday - Freya's Day - that fairy goddess who protects and watches over the forest, but who knows how to have a good time! After all, what could be better than dancing with butterflies and making wildflowers bloom?

I had a fantastic week.  I've gotten plenty done at the Mechanical Turk, I'm actually ahead on Nanowrimo, and I've even managed to pretty well keep up on the regular household chores!  One nice thing about a tiny house is that even though I have to keep it hospital clean, it only takes a few minutes to an hour a day.  I do have some things to do today that are going to keep my away from my computer - so please enjoy Freya there, and have a wonderful day!


Summer Foovay

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hungry Shark Evolution Game Help

According to Amazon Game Circle stats I am in the top 1% of Hungry Shark Evolution players.  My last highest score was over 11 million points with the Megalodon.  I plateaued a bit earlier this year and was looking around online for game tutorials or help and discovered that there are quite a few on YouTube, all created by and meant for players on levels I had long since passed.

So this is my little help guide for more advanced players of Hungry Shark Evolution.

Some of it will apply to players at any level, I suppose.  You can get the game free for your Android device from either Google Play or through Amazon.  The game is free, but of course you can make in-game purchases.  In the two or three years I've been playing (I switched tablets and had to start over) I've never spent a dime.  (Probably shouldn't be saying that, but it's true).  If you search on Amazon there is a lot of fun merchandise like T-shirts, too.

So - why did I plateau out with the Megalodon?  I made a big mistake.  I got obsessed with earning coins and jewels to purchase a particular baby while it was on a great sale.  In the process, I also leveled up the Megalodon to his full size, but I did not do any of the missions as I was concentrating purely on earning coins and jewels. Once the Megalodon is full sized, he gets stuck in small tunnels, sharp turns, and tight pools between rocks.

So if you have made it to the Megalodon - be sure and do all of the missions - especially the 13 sunken objects - as soon as you can, while he is still (relatively) small!

Mission Hint - Focus!  Concentrate on doing one mission at a time.  For many of them, such as the Boat Breaker, Crowd Surfer, and Harpoon Boat Bite you will have to cross the playing field more than once.  Go across once grabbing all the boats/bystanders/harpoonists that you can.  Then dive down and hide out in the tunnels (grab a few sunken objects while you are at it) and go back to the end you started on, doing your best to avoid the subs and divers.  By the time you get there, the surface will have repopulated and you can go across again.

If you are working on mission on the surface - like Boat Breaker for instance, do NOT jump for the stars up in the sky.  Attracting the attention of the biplane, helicopters, jet or robot shark will spell the end of your surface time as you will quickly be killed by those flyers!

Best purchase I ever made:  The lava baby.  I love that kid!  He deflects damage from bombs, making your sharks impervious to all but the ultra mines.  He makes zipping through the lava tubes with their flame thowers a breeze. IMHO this is the A#1 best baby to have for any shark up to and including Megalodon.

Other good purchases will probably vary depending on your playing style and what you like but I love my Laser and the Shark Vortex.  A neat advantage to the laser is if your shark is getting hungry and don't see fish nearby - it will point them out by shooting at whatever is closest and you can follow it!  The Vortex comes with a warning label - no?  Well, it should.  It will drag enemies and mines and everything else at you - so be aware of that.  The skateboard is handy if you are into snarfing up innocent bystanders on shore, but nor really a necessity.

A little trick for all levels for those pesky submarines.  They always want to point right at your shark and shoot.  The trick for killing them - which works even better since the last update gave us a little larger field of vision - is to come up from underneath them and bash into the area close to their nose to knock them out before they can get their torpedoes pointed at you.

That's all I can thank of right now.  Thanks FGOL for the great game!  If you are having a problem or have a question, you can post it in comments and I'll answer it as best I can.


Summer Foovay
(demented-pixie on Amazon Game Circle)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It's a great day for a Nanowrimo!

I have had the most wonderful day!  When I stepped outside this morning to give thanks and meditations I found a big bunch of yellow and green balloons entangled in our little picnic table!  Whether the Universe sent them, the pixies stole 'em, or someone simply gifted them to me for no reason - I was so surprised and happy!  And look - they are yellow (abundance) and green (growth)!  Of course I had a great day!

Nanowrimo is going so well.  I did a few sprints with my friend Kimonomania on Twitter, and then participated in the write-in on You Tube.  I am really amazed at how much the sprints and prompts are helping.  Overall I added 3600 words to my novel today!

I feel so much better and more hopeful and joyful since I've decided to dedicate my life to my art and my writing and the inevitable financial success we will enjoy from it.

And besides - balloons!


Summer Foovay

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Oh yeah! Jigsaw Puzzles!

I seriously had almost forgotten I even had this Zazzle store -My Jigsaw Puzzles until it made a sale in spite of me!  It's one of those projects that I began, then it never did much, and I let it go by as life sent me in other directions.  The puzzles are very nice, good quality, and come in a pretty metal box with the picture on the top - so if you are looking for a nice little gift for someone who enjoys jigsaw puzzles - or even a stocking stuffer - these are perfect!  Most of the puzzles I have made right now have a bit of an Old West or even southwest flair - from old western paintings, my photos of the southwest and a few of birds, and a couple of fairies because - hey, it's me. Maybe once I get done with Nanowrimo I will spend a little more time adding to these designs - because I do think they would make great Christmas gifts.

Here is a favorite montage jigsaw puzzle for horse folks:

Hanging Out At the Barn Jigsaw Puzzles
Hanging Out At the Barn Jigsaw Puzzles by MyJigsawPuzzles

Speaking of Nanowrimo - I am a wee bit ahead of goal again, and those Pomodoro things are working great for me! I've also found a nearly hypnotic subliminal music at Youtube that "puts me in the zone" so to speak.

As of today - I dedicate myself to the inevitable financial success of my artwork, and my writing.  No more talk of taking a J-O-B to get by or make a little extra money to do this or that. I am sure that if I truly dedicate myself, and all my focus, on my talents and skills for art and for writing that I will earn as much if not far more in the long run.  Keep watching this blog for more!


Summer Foovay

Monday, November 16, 2015

Nanowrimo update and Gamer Girl triumphs among other things

image found on

Does it make me sound like too much of a gamer girl geek to brag that I am in the top 1% on the leader board for Hungry Shark?  Well, I am, as if yesterday morning.  Yay me.

This is a big deal to me, actually - because I am the pits at games.  The few I am good at tend towards nice, quiet, non-timed puzzle games like Mahjongg.  So in the last two days or so, I've made it to the top of the Hungry Shark leader board (I've been top 2% for months and played it for years), managed to get everything I wanted and almost every one of the pets for the Halloween event - despite a late start, and even won a boss fight in the gauntlet of Mage & Minions.  Whoot!

On the other hand, you could also suspect this means I am becoming a world champion procrastinator at Nanowrimo...  I did catch up on my word count Saturday - but am once again behind as a result of taking my usual Sunday no electronics day off.  I really felt I was close enough to the word count to be able to afford it and we had a great day Sunday. This morning I joined the Aywas Nanowrimo event - so if you play at Aywas you can find my novels very rough first draft on the forum if you are interested. The title is "Tainted Love".

(Oh stop gasping - I doubt I publish this one, and even if I did, right now it isn't worth stealing.  I also decided a long time ago that if someone wants to steal your work they're gonna do it.  If you created it you can always defend yourself from plagarism later by showing the original files)

Sunday we made a trip to the library and I think we both went a little gonzo!  I came home with a handful of true crime and graphic novels, as well as the first part of Pimsleur's Japanese course.  One thing I've missed is big city libraries.  Mind you, I love exploring small town libraries - but having an entire shelf of true crime instead of five or six books is bliss.  So many books, so little time - and you don't want to know how much is sitting on my Kindle besides.

I also discovered a neat little productivity thing that I believe might be very good for me and my creations.  It's called Pomodoros and rather highly resembles those word sprints that have been working so well for me that I am prepping to work them into my writing for the next several months.  Chris Winfield explains it a lot better than I do, and has a lot of little productivity apps and websites and things to help you along, too.  If you have as much trouble as I do with procrastination - check it out.  I did a few Pomo's Saturday and liked it.  Read all the info and started them seriously today - hey, this is my second one!  Blogging!  Check!

My goodness - the pictures you find if you Google gamer girl!  I must say I don't look like that when I am gaming - I suspect I look much more like the picture above from one of my personal favorite animes, Watamote.


Summer Foovay

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bounce back from darkness

The last two days have been dark days and nothing much has been done on Nanowrimo or anything else.  But today is going to be a lot better.  I've got an all day webinair going on that is interesting.  I'm looking over a new personal productivity program, which I hope will help.  This is the last day I think for the Aywas event, so I'll be spending time trying to catch the last ten pets or so I haven't gotten yet.  And - last but hardly least - I'll be working on catching up on Nanowrimo and getting some work done at the Mechanical Turk.  The sooner I get going...

But I did want to check in and remind you I have stuff for sale, ya know :D

For myself, for so many others who are entering the long, dark tunnel of misery that is winter when you have Seasonal Affect Disease:

No Matter How Dark, or Cold, or Long the night 2 Inch Square Magnet
No Matter How Dark, or Cold, or Long the night 2 Inch Square Magnet by foovay
View other Winter Magnets at


Summer Foovay

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

#Nanowrimo crises - or is it?

I finished my re-reading of Bram Stoker's Dracula last night and it's forcing me to rethink somewhat the novel I am writing for Nanowrimo. 

The original idea was to recast the story so that Dracula is a psychopath, a serial killer such as those the criminologists and psychologists have studied so extensively in the last couple of decades.  Thus melding my own fascination with old horror and new psychopath thriller genres. 

But re-reading Dracula has put me in doubt.  It reminded me of what I love about the old Dracula, and how it intersects with some rants of my own. 

One of the first and most important differences between Dracula and the new vampire genre is that Dracula is a monster.  We are grossed out at the thought of this filthy, evil dead thing even touching our loved ones, let alone sticking his nasty, filthy mouth on them and sucking out their blood, their life force.  EWWWWW!

Now, of course, vampires are sexy, sparkly, tragic heroes and cool, too - we all want to be one. 

The point that Dracula turns upon is that the vampire is an abhorrent monster and it would be better to be killed by your loved ones with a stake through the heart than to live as a vampire.  Everything is about saving Lucy, and Mina, from that fate worse than death.  

There was never any doubt that the vampire in my novel would be a monster.  Whether that monster is supernatural, or human is the only question.  Like I said, I set out to make him a "mere" psychopath - but I am now feeling like I'd like to reclaim that old monster the vampire - whose characteristics are so neatly set out by Van Helsing in  this novel, and that has been so twisted and changed in modern vampire novels.

Movies, and plays, are a different media from books.  They are constrained to re-tell a story as simply as possible because of both time and financial constraints.  In the book, Dracula, a great deal of the book is about Mina and Lucy, the four men who love them, and later Van Helsing who comes to love the whole gang of them as if they were his own children.  Six main characters (eight if you include Lucy's mother, and Renfield) and the four story lines - first Jonathan Harker being more or less kidnapped by the count, Mina taking care of Lucy and then Jonathan, Dr Seward and Lord Godalming and Quincy Morris, and later Van Helsing all fighting for Lucy's life, then six of them gathering together to solve the mystery of her illness and to put an end to Dracula and save Mina - all of that is not a story you can tell simply in 90 minutes.  Thus most of the modern treatments have sometimes left a good many of these characters out altogether and concentrated on the Harkers - Jonathan and Mina - and the wisdom of Van Helsing.  Renfield gets included and generally gets a much larger part than he has in the book (he could easily be left out completely) because - face it - the madman fascinates us. But in those treatments we lose the marvelous friendship and relationships between all of these characters, which actually leaves out the bulk of the book.  

Also, of course, especially in movies - the strongest part of the story is the pursuit and killing of the vampire - the action.  I like an action movie as much as any guy - but again, that leaves out the bulk of the story which I think also loses a good part of the psychological horror; the long, slow buildup from Jonathan's kidnapping, to Lucy's death, to the attack on Mina as our six characters come to pool their information, add some investigation, and come to the irrefutable conclusion that the supernatural monster is real.

 In fact, in the book the big action scene - the pursuit - the actual killing of Dracula - is almost an anticlimax, taking up - according to my Kindle - something like 10% of the text.

Mind you, I had intended a big, climactic fight scene when my hero finds that Dracula is awake during the day (being a "mere" human psychopath) and has to kill a very much awake and physically strong and experienced killer while armed only with a knife and a wooden stake.  See, I love action, too.  

Another difference, that has changed slowly in movie treatments – the pendulum swinging first one way and then the other as women’s roles changed in society, is the character of Mina Harker.  If you haven't read the original Dracula, you don't realize that Mina was a woman of her time.  Sweet and devoted to her friend and her soon to be husband.  Van Helsing describes her as "a woman with the mind of a man and the heart of a woman".  The men adore her even more for her agile mind, and her courage and strength in helping them.  She is not a helpless waif who needs a man to protect her, but neither does she put on men's clothes and pick up a sword.  She is that especially admirable woman who is very much feminine, and courageous, intelligent, and kind.  Her loving nature is her greatest strength.  The Earth Mother, whose men are devoted to her and who supports them every bit as much as they take care of her. She is their source of strength.  Much too complex a character to do justice to in 90 minutes or so.  

So here I sit with almost 20K words of a loving newlywed couple that so far have no other attachments and my Gabrielle is no Mina.  And I’ve just decided that one of the most important parts of the original novel is the six loving friends working together to defeat the monster.  I've also concluded that it is psychologically important that it takes all six of them, working together, to defeat this one monster.

No wonder I procrastinated an entire day away yesterday!

But I think I’ve solved it, at least for now.  We all know that Nanowrimo is about the word count and that this is a first draft that will clearly need rewriting.  So for now I’m going to return to the beginning and write a prequel introducing the other characters, who can then be woven into and through the parts already written (later, later), and then pickup where I am again and go forward.  So it will be a mess – it’s a Nanowrimo novel, of course it is.  But by golly, it will have 50,000 words! 

And sometime in the next week I’ll have to decide if the vampire is supernatural or psychopathic.  Or both.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

One Solitary Eclectic Pagan View of Thanksgiving

I do not celebrate Thanksgiving.  I haven't for a very long time - come to think of it, not since my Mother tried to kill the entire family one year.  But that's another story.

Being part Cherokee, I concluded that Thanksgiving was celebrating that part of my ancestors simply had not gotten around to killing the other part of them - yet.  The entire story the holiday is celebrated on is a pretty little myth.

But my actual major problem with the holiday is this.  Americans think it is okay to only give thanks once a year.  If that - because if you are honest it is about pigging out, griping and fighting with the family all day, setting out on the annual greed fest shopping, and watching the game.  

As a Pagan, I have three major harvest holidays, beginning with Mabon, then Lughnasadh, and last but hardly least Samhain.  One way or another, almost all of the quarter and cross-quarter Pagan holidays are about giving thanks.  Personally, I begin each day with meditation and giving thanks for my blessings.  I simply can't see giving thanks one time a year, and acting like it is a big thing and you are so special because you took ONE DAY to say thank you for all your blessings (if you make time for that - mostly you are shoveling food in your face, shopping, watching TV).  

What brought this on was thinking about what I'd like to tell you about while I'm plugging along at Nanowrimo.  Oh, I do want to sort of pat myself on the back. I'm ahead on my word count!  I think this is the first year EVER I've been ahead pretty much all month.  I think I'm writing total drivel - but I'm writing it!  Much of it is thanks to #NaNoWordSprints and my dear friend Kimonomania who has kept me motivated and entertained, too!

Ahem, anyhow I was thinking that I would start plugging my Winter Solstice cards, which brought on the whole thing about how I, myself, hate it when the stores put out Christmas trees and the Halloween decor at the same time.  About ten minutes after they put away the Back to School stuff.  But, you see, Winter Solstice IS my next holiday.  So here is one of my personal favorites of my winter solstice greeting cards.
Father Christmas or The Holly King Greeting Card
Father Christmas or The Holly King Greeting Card by foovay
Find other Chfistmas Cards at

As usual, while I had no or little Internet access, Zazzle changed things completely and now I can't even find my store or products *eye roll* but then I need to get in there and reorganize anyway.  Meanwhile - I'll share some direct links here at the blog.

And I have a question for you - does anyone actually mail greeting cards out any more?  I know, I think, most of us hand out a few here and there to friends, family, co-workers and so on but even I cannot remember the last time I sat down with an address book and a box of cards - and that used to be a big thing with me.  I sell a few at Zazzle - so I guess people still send a few?  Would my time be better spent designing another type of product? 


Summer Foovay

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

You know what I want - my top 20 sellers in November - all of them are still FREE on Kindle right now

The title is the punch line for a silly old dirty joke I learned a really long time ago.  So it is a bit of a in  joke, I'm afraid, but it suits.

You see, I had the nicest day today getting settled into winter camp and then writing on my Nanowrimo novel, and then doing the write in with the nano folks and on my way to winding down I had a look at my KDP stats and was amazed to see that I have had literally HUNDREDS of books downloaded during these freebie days.  So I hit the next reports to see which books got downloaded the most.

Let me tell you right now - the books I've been talking about, novels, kids books, filled out the bottom ten of the forty or so books listed as downloaded.  Here is the top twenty or so (which have had NO advertising or mentions anywhere)


Revenge Fuck - under my pen name Petit Morte this is the 3rd book in a 3 book series, oddly enough it seems more popular than the first two. You really don't have to read all 3, and this one gets into some bondage, discipline, fisting and large toys which may be why it is the most popular.
Mike's Sexual Education is the second book of the series above and seems well ranked for interracial erotica
Naughty Wife and the Shoe Salesman You will notice a number of Naughty Wife books in the top ten - they are consistent sellers and very popular. I should give up everything else and just crank these out - except...
In Praise of Older Women This is the first book of Mike's Sexual Education and is a bit vanilla outside of interracial and the cougar. The woman not the cat.
How to eat Pussy the unrivaled front runner in my sex "how to" books - in spite of a one star review. I think it is more likely people are embarassed to admit they DID learn something.
The New Maid Forced feminization, bit of bondage and discipline, male slave, dominatrix - what's not to love?
A Lotta Bull under yet another pen name - because I wouldn't want to lose the guys who HATE it when women write sizzling hot gay male fiction.

For about a year I wrote little else for one agent. My favorite compliment? One of her customers wanted to know when I had been to the foreign country I wrote about because he was sure we would have met at the gay bars - he was that sure I was a gay male, and that I had been there. Is that cool or what? But anyway, I only have 3 gay male sex stories out on Kindle and haven't made a big effort at doing anything - OMG - is Fox finally being DISCOVERED? (I admit, these are fun, I should do more)

Tough Guys yes, the Fox again. More gay male rough sex story
Naughty Wife and the Cajun Biker More naughty wives - imagine how popular these might be if I could afford to buy 5 star reviews, call them romance, and advertise like the big girls do? LOL
Rough I actually love this rough sex gay male sex story - it's one of my own favorites. Very dark.
Naughty Wife at the Formal Dinner I actually like this one a lot too - it's funny. Okay, I think it is funny - I have a sick, ironic twisted humor at times.
Femdom Spanking This is kind of a favorite of mine - all girls, all spanking, a wee bit of hot sex. Okay, maybe more than a wee bit.
How to give your lover a sexy lap dance This is another good little seller - now and then it makes it to the top in the list of Dance>popular and makes me giggle. But now that pole dancing is an acceptable "art" or "exercise" I guess that's to be expected.
Tall, Dark, and Hung This would do better if I would retitle it - because it is also a naughty wife book, and interracial to boot.
Fairy Wings I actually feel that this is a little love story - the special love and trust and devotion between a female slave and her mistress, but there is knife play. You have to really love and trust someone to let them take a knife to you though, don't you?
Fister Many people think all exotic dancers really do is run around having promiscuous sex day and night. This one does.
Trade All four of the gay sex books are in the top 20 - maybe I'll sit down and crank out a new batch next month...
Sassy Only three books of this series about a bisexual woman made the top 20s - but they are all a bit special to me.
Sumalee Makes A Love Slave Out Of Me and here they are, three of the Joey books, bunched up at the bottom. Maybe they do have an audience?
Easy Threesome Funny how if you write sex stories, people always ask if they are all real experiences of your own. Before you ask, some of them are, some of the names are changed to protect the guilty, some of them should have been, some of them I wished happened, and some are total imagination. Seriously? Okay, I may be a gay (bisexual) male on some level, but haven't had rough gay sex, so obviously, some things are imagination. And I wouldn't tell you if they weren't. LOL

So there is the top 20.  Someone tell me why I bother writing anything else?


Summer Foovay

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Yay me!

I are very proud of me today.

Well, I am, really - because I actually began my Nanowrimo 2015 novel today - on time - and cranked out an amazing 2298 words in spite of the fact that I had dumb stuff to do today.  Like move from Rockhound State Park to Leasburg State Park - 60 miles or so including all the usual unhooking and hooking up folderol.  It isn't uncommon for me to use such a move to take the rest of the day to myself to piddle around.  Of course, I suppose to some working on a Nanowrimo IS just fiddling around.  I think time is better spent working on a new novel (even if it's purely for fun and laughs) than say - playing  a video game. Most years I don't even try to start Nano until after the hubby's birthday on the 3rd.

Of course, I'll probably spend the rest of the day playing a video game.  HHHH

Now the other thing I intend to do - every day for the next five days - is feature a few of my books that are currently #FREE ON KINDLE.

Currently, I have 47 books published on the Amazon Kindle and almost all of them are free for the next five days.  A few were on promotion a month or two ago and so are not eligible right now.

Two of those books were Nanowrimo novels.

Moving On is the proverbial every body's first novel - although actually it was my 2nd Nanowrimo.  It's the one based on the authors own life story.  Based, that is, because it nibbles at a lot of actual events in my past, but it also includes a lot of little stories that belong to people - and wildlife -  I've met in my life, too.  I wander off and wax philosophical now and then - it's a Nano so hey, got those 50K words to fill.  It includes a kayak - not the first, won't be the last I'm sure. There's a bit of graphic sex (one reviewer said it was just some girl fucking everyone she met) but I don't consider it erotica.  It's an oldie but a goodie.  I like to think I'm a better writer now, but maybe not. Free now and for the next few days. Here's the links for US, UK and Canada.

Moving On - U.S.A.
Moving On U.K.
Moving On - Canada

The other book is the one I consider my first, last, and so far only REEEEAL novel.  I actually thought that I had taken it down, because I have it all taken apart in a notebook here behind me to do a massive re-write on.  But, since it's there I went ahead and stuck it up free for five days.  Maybe you'll like it.  My snarky side says that big problem is it is not written on a 4th grade reading level.  Critics have said it has too many people to keep track of (although I've read well reviewed novels that had as many or more), and that the protagonist Lily does some stupid stuff.  Because heroines in horror/thriller novels NEVER do anything STUPID like go half naked into the basement with a faulty flashlight after hearing a noise.  I probably will make a serial of it one of these days - if I can stand to rewrite it AGAIN.  Meanwhile - for your perusal:
Bloodline - U.S.A.
Bloodline - U.K.
Bloodline - Canada
And for you - whoever you are - I love you - the links for Japan:
Moving On - Japan
Bloodline - Japan

I've participated and "won" Nano more years than shows up on my dashboard.  Not sure why that is.  Huh.  But these are the only two that 'made it' to publication.  There are a couple more that are in the editing/rewriting/finishing stages.  My problem isn't ideas or writing - it's editing, rewriting and finishing.  Too bad I can't afford an editor. I'd get a lot more out!  And maybe reviewers wouldn't be correcting my spelling - LOL.

Thanks for reading!

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