Thursday, October 22, 2015

Nanowrimo here I come

I started out this morning with a ho-hum wonder if I'll do Nanowrimo this year.  Meh, I've got a lot scheduled for November, and I'm thinking about finding a little temp job for the winter to finance some fixing on both vehicles and damn, as always, I have three dozen ongoing books I really ought to finish one of these days and...

So, I'm washing the dishes and doing the hand washing and.... got this brilliant idea.  Between about 10 am and now I'e got the entire plot, subplot, ending, beginning, two events, and four characters.  ROFL.

And it will be a fantastic Nano projecrt since it is more or less fantasy, so no real research involved, and in some part a twisted rewrite of Dracula, and gothic romances so I should have plenty of hooks and prompts and stuff to jerk me along and it would be great to get me back in the habit of a daily 1000+ words (I have actually been pretty good about a daily 200, dialogue and weather report most of this summer and autumn) so that I can then pile into some other projects in December and Janaury with a good head of steam built up.
See you at Nano...

Summer Foovay

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