Friday, October 30, 2015

Down the Rabbit's Hole - Nano prep 2015

I set out this morning to get a good day's work in on the Mechanical Turk.  Because I work faster on the desktop I had the husband go to the trouble of dragging it out and setting it up for me.  And there in the troubles began.

Having not been set up regularly the computer wanted to download updates to this and that and as our Internet speed here is a bit slow I did not want to try and work (on time limited jobs) while the downloads were going in the background.  Bless him, the hubby suggested I do the research I had also mentioned.

Research for the Nanowrimo 2015 novel - to be loosely based on Bram Stoker's original Dracula and the idea of what if Dracula was actually a psychopathic serial killer instead.  So I got started - first I was curious about Bram Stoker himself - was he a one hit wonder?  I've never heard of his other books...  well, THAT was an incorrect assumption and off we go.  Meanwhile, where I do not recall but I ran onto a mention of "madness of the womb" and some of the treatments there of.  Okay, so I couldn't resist the "rubbing of the genitals by a cunning midwife" and after all, after being saved from the psychopath, mightn't a young bride go mad?  So to speak...  and there is another direction to the maze of my sick mind. And then there is the whole thing about mining alum and jet in Whitby and limestone catacombs creating natural mummies. Now I'm off into Saint George's Day and what about Renfrew?  I haven't gotten one single Turk job done - but I've been highly entertained and educated for the last four hours...

I'm going to have such fun with this.


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