Saturday, October 31, 2015

And A Merry Samhain to you all!

I hope you are having a great day celebrating Samhain, or Halloween today!  Whatever your plans, whatever your pleasure - have a good day!

Myself - an old monster movie, and a few new ones, some Halloween coloring books to enjoy, a nice walk here at Rockhound since it is probably my last day here this year, and if I'm lucky and the clouds stay away - stars in the park (astronomical club sharing telescopes).

This morning I finally slugged my way through Amazon's incredibly cumbersome and slow process to put every single eligible book of mine into FREE book status from Nov. 1st to the 5th.  Some of them have been free recently, so they weren't eligible - but all the rest are in celebration of Nanowrimo 2015.

Starting tomorrow I will feature a few of my books every day, with a few words about how they came to be written, and how I feel about them - including those under pen names.  So if you are one of those who roll their eyes when I say I am a published author with 40 books to my credit - watch this page!  If you are a friend or (BLESS YOU!) a fan - watch this page!

See you tomorrow!

Merry Samhain

Summer Foovay
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Friday, October 30, 2015

Down the Rabbit's Hole - Nano prep 2015

I set out this morning to get a good day's work in on the Mechanical Turk.  Because I work faster on the desktop I had the husband go to the trouble of dragging it out and setting it up for me.  And there in the troubles began.

Having not been set up regularly the computer wanted to download updates to this and that and as our Internet speed here is a bit slow I did not want to try and work (on time limited jobs) while the downloads were going in the background.  Bless him, the hubby suggested I do the research I had also mentioned.

Research for the Nanowrimo 2015 novel - to be loosely based on Bram Stoker's original Dracula and the idea of what if Dracula was actually a psychopathic serial killer instead.  So I got started - first I was curious about Bram Stoker himself - was he a one hit wonder?  I've never heard of his other books...  well, THAT was an incorrect assumption and off we go.  Meanwhile, where I do not recall but I ran onto a mention of "madness of the womb" and some of the treatments there of.  Okay, so I couldn't resist the "rubbing of the genitals by a cunning midwife" and after all, after being saved from the psychopath, mightn't a young bride go mad?  So to speak...  and there is another direction to the maze of my sick mind. And then there is the whole thing about mining alum and jet in Whitby and limestone catacombs creating natural mummies. Now I'm off into Saint George's Day and what about Renfrew?  I haven't gotten one single Turk job done - but I've been highly entertained and educated for the last four hours...

I'm going to have such fun with this.


Summer Foovay
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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Nanowrimo here I come

I started out this morning with a ho-hum wonder if I'll do Nanowrimo this year.  Meh, I've got a lot scheduled for November, and I'm thinking about finding a little temp job for the winter to finance some fixing on both vehicles and damn, as always, I have three dozen ongoing books I really ought to finish one of these days and...

So, I'm washing the dishes and doing the hand washing and.... got this brilliant idea.  Between about 10 am and now I'e got the entire plot, subplot, ending, beginning, two events, and four characters.  ROFL.

And it will be a fantastic Nano projecrt since it is more or less fantasy, so no real research involved, and in some part a twisted rewrite of Dracula, and gothic romances so I should have plenty of hooks and prompts and stuff to jerk me along and it would be great to get me back in the habit of a daily 1000+ words (I have actually been pretty good about a daily 200, dialogue and weather report most of this summer and autumn) so that I can then pile into some other projects in December and Janaury with a good head of steam built up.
See you at Nano...

Summer Foovay

Saturday, October 17, 2015

October Scare: 31 Things that Scare Me

Inspired by author Jennifer Chase' blog entry of 31 things that scare her (which you can find here ) I thought I'd do one of my own.  Her list was actually quite interesting and sometimes surprising - and I bet we'd think the same of almost anyone's list of 31 scary things.

I think I'm kind of strange about what scares me - but maybe not.  Like anyone else I'm very influenced by my early life.  I spent most of my childhood HOPING I would DIE - and often attempting to find a surefire method of suicide accessible to someone 6 or 7 or 8 years old.  (The only thing that might have been worse than death was surviving as a cripple at my mothers mercy)  Once you've looked forward to embracing death, not much really scares you.  Suffering, pain, illness, and not being in control of my life - now THAT scares me.  Death?  Not really.

That said, here's my list:

1) Roaches - yes, irrational, I know.  Completely so - near phobia levels.  Go figure.

2) Things that set off my PTSD flashbacks and panic attacks.  Unpleasant, and not always predictable (or I'd avoid them)

3) Vicious dogs.  Weird, huh, for a former Animal Control officer and animal lover.  It's a backwards fear - I do know how to defend myself, and I would - but I would really really hate to hurt a dog for something that is probably the owners fault...

4) Absolute darkness.  Not the starry nights we have here, or a darkened room with a bit of light peeking in from outside - but absolute complete darkness puts me in a panic, especially in an unfamiliar place.

5) Being really, really lost.  Not pleasantly exploring lost but I know the lake or campsite is back that-a-way.  I get this more when I'm in someplace like an apartment complex with tall buildings that all look exactly alike.

6) Being out of control of my life - as in something like having had a psychotic break and so my desires are not respected and I'm forced to take medication I don't want.

7) Prescription drugs.  I have major drug allergies and have not had a prescription drug in over 25 years - so a drop of some things really could kill me dead between allergies, side effects, and lack of resistance.  Most nurses and doctors don't believe this until you've proven it to them.  Think about it...

8)  Serial killers.  Oh yeah, 'cause you never know who they are until after you've let them in the house or helped them put their groceries in the car.

9) Rape.  Nuff said.

10) Nightmares.  I sometimes wake up so frightened I have to get up and go read a book or something to calm down.

11) People who drive all over the road. I don't care whether they're texting, fighting with their kids, or drunk but you shoot from one lane to the other or drive down the middle and I can't get away from you fast enough.  Especially if I'm in Firefly - who isn't the most quickly manuverable vehicle on earth.

12) Black ice.

13) Hubby dying before me.

14) Becoming enormously obese (I've been battling my weight for years)

15) Any disability or illness that would keep me from being able to go outdoors, riding my bike, kayaking, hiking, being around horses and so on.

16) Republican fanatics.

17) The Tea Party

18) Rabid Xtians

19) Extremists of any breed

20) Stupid people

21) Willfully ignorant people

22) Men who are afraid of women

23) Anyone who hates animals kind of scares me

24) Cold - which to me is anything below about 20 degrees F (there are reasons I live in southern New Mexico)

25) Jellyfish

26) Worms - not earthworms, but grubs, segmented things especially, or like parasites like strongyles.  ick.

27) Hospitals.

28) Funerals

29) Fire - not a nice campfire, but a fire that could destroy my little home and everything in it in a few minutes.

30) Tornadoes.  Boy do I NOT miss being in Tornado Alley.

31) "The apocalypse" or "nuclear war" because A)I don't believe it will ever happen, B) if it does NONE of us will survive, C)I intend to run towards ground zero and make damn sure I don't survive it because I am intelligent and well-read enough to know it ain't gonna be like the movies and books.  It won't be "cool" and "fun".  It won't be worth surviving - to me anyway.

So - that's my list.  Some are pretty stupid, some are completely irrational, some are basically a personal issue, and some (to me at least) make perfect sense.  So, what's your list?

Friday, October 9, 2015

Thank you

We have our very own wifi hotspot now!  The hubby spent all morning updating everything on my computer.  So, I am back!

I want to say thank you to everyone who has hung in for the last six months of spotty to non-existant Internet.  To everyone who still faithfully buys my books and Zazzle products.  You have no idea how much that little trickle of income has helped.  Often that's the only cash I have left for food for hubby - and he has to have a specific and high protein diet with dialysis.  It's thanks to all of you that we can have this great life.  I know things are only going to get better!

I have so much to do, so much art and photos and writing to go through and get online and published and all that - but I wanted first and foremost to stop by and say thank you.


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