Thursday, September 10, 2015

No - really, I AM a writer

I've been telling people I am a writer as we travel here and there and I tend to get the hairy eyeball.  Yeah, right - so you say.

No, really, I am - and I have actual ambitions to make a living at it one of these days.  To that end, I've been reading lots of how to write this, that, the other, and in general books lately (Mugging the Muse by Holly Lisle is a real favorite) and doing a great deal of background and practice writing for various projects in the works.

It might be 2016 before I have anything new out - or it might be next week (I have some quickie ideas) but either way, I am need of a few things now that we are on the road.  For one thing - our emergency fund is flat lined due to the repairs this week - and the RV still has needs.  So do we.  We could sure use a wifi hot spot - I could do a lot more to help us out financially then.

So if you'd like to help a struggling writer...  you could maybe buy or share a book or two.

First the (more or less) clean ones are all right here - novels for adults, nature lovers, and some kids books, too. Yes, click here. Buy one. Please.

For some reason (chuckle) most people actually want to know where the dirty books are - so here are all my sex stories and how-to books in all their perverse glory - yes, click here, buy a couple, they're only 99 cents and no, I can't see who bought them. Thanks

So yes, please, help a struggling artist and writer out - by actually purchasing something you want and will enjoy (I hope).  I'd much rather do this than go begging on the street corner or a crowdfunder.

If you think it is HORRIBLE that a creative person should want to be paid, well, consider my disabled husband who will also benefit, eh?



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