Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Things are going to get better

Sadly, once we set out on our lovely full time RVing journey my husband had a spate of minor health problems.  Of course, since he is on dialysis, nothing is truly minor.  Rather than spending time traveling in the motor home, we ended up with her parked and going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth to one doctor after another after another after another back for a recheck, etc. for the last - almost two months now.  Still going on.

Meanwhile, when we aren't driving to the doctors office, life in the motor home has settled into something of a routine.  I like routine, oddly enough - it's just that my idea of a routine does include moving every few weeks.  We're finding our way to having at least some Internet.  We did trash my desktop - it's gone.  Which just emphasizes that we need to get us both new laptops of some sort.  The motor home has a very long list of things she needs, too, though.  I'd run a crowd funding campaign if I didn't know that they would fuck up my online payment accounts again and then we'd gather more vicious remarks about how we should be grinding out misery in some horrid little Section 8 apartment rather than enjoying life as much as we are able.  But people will donate thousands so some yuppie can learn to make potato salad!

I am actually finding time to write - and as of today - to draw.  Now and then I get in a bit of the outdoor fun I'm here for - hiking, biking, and once we actually got the kayak wet.  Things are getting better and will no doubt continue to do so.

Looking at my kindle sales today I see the sex books are zipping right along in sales and rentals while the novels and kids books haven't twitched (one sale total).  So what am I working on?  Another novel.  Sigh.  I'm tried of writing about sex.  Guess no one is tired of reading about it though!  LOL!  If I had any sense I'd go grind out another half dozen crappy short sex novellas instead of working on this big, fat hard novel with plots and subplots and research that needs to be done and,,, so who said I had any sense?

Since I know you want to know, you can find the sex books all listed on this page.


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