Monday, June 1, 2015

ONE more day...

Today - tomorrow - and early Wednesday (probably) we'll be pulling the Firefly out and up to Elephant Butte State Park for our first official day on the road.  Today, however, we did unhook her completely to make a short trip up to a tire shop.  She needed some work on the brakes - and in order to do that the front wheel needed to be removed.  Somewhere down the line someone got enthusiastic with an impact wrench - so that two good sized men couldn't even budge the lug nuts.  It would take another impact wrench to get them loose.

So we spent an hour getting her ready to move - including disconnecting the computers and all - to drive about a mile and loosen some lug nuts.  Then drive a mile home, spend an hour or so hooking Firefly, and the computers and so on, back up.  However, that let us discover that our plans for what is going to go where and how while she is in motion are going to work out just fine.  Once we get these desktops replaced with laptops and/or tablets, it will be even easier and take less time.

Sunday we had a nice long visit with a local friend who had a computer problem for the hubby to sort out.  Saturday the folks at the Computer Lab surprised us with a little going away party - and gift - for James.  What a fun, lovely, and generous surprise!

We had a great day Friday, too.  We went up to Elephant Butte to get our park pass, and then drove in to scout out a good spot for this week.  We had so much fun, we decided to drive on down to Lake Caballo, and Percha Dam State Parks to have a look at their campgrounds, too.  So much peace and quiet - and water!  Both the Rio Grande, and both lakes.  My little kayak is going to be wet every day!

I've managed a good long paddle down the Rio Grande, from the bridge on Hwy 51 to a little past Rotary Park in town.  The birds here in our pretty little lot have delighted us by finally kindly posing for some photos - which you can see on my Flickr photostream or with all the details over at Bird Watchers Notebook - New Mexico.

The next few days are probably going to be very busy, and I may or may not have Internet.  Next time you hear from me - who knows where I'll be!

Summer Foovay

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