Tuesday, June 2, 2015

La-a-a-a-a-a-st full day

And what a long day it has been - and here it is only 3 pm.

Hubby got the brake caliper replaced.  We ran half a dozen small tie up loose ends errands.

And we made an executive decision.  It is too much trouble to set up the desktops, disconnect and pack them, and set them up again, every time we move the motor home.  Especially as it seems that between doctors and clinics and getting his dialysis supplies we will be moving the Firefly every two or three days for the first two or three weeks before we get a rest.  Meanwhile the hubby has been going non-stop for weeks with minor repairs that have to be done before we go and he is really reaching exhaustion.  Exhaustion for him means a very real chance of his ending up in the hospital.

So tomorrow he will disconnect the desktops one more time - and they'll go into storage.  Which will give us more room in here - which will be nice - but it does mean we will be down to his Chromebook, his tablet, and my crappy Amazon ruled Fire (which I couldn't use last night because they shut it down for another update - since I hated the last one so much I couldn't wait for more.  I can't wait until I get a new Kindle Paperwhite and I can throw this piece of shit in the garbage. Oh, okay, I'll probably keep it so I can see how my kids books look when published - but boy does the Kindle Fire suck big green donkey dicks.)

Rant aside, this means that I won't be able to write or draw - electronically that is - until I can afford a REAL tablet or 2-in-1 and before that we will be purchasing the husband a new laptop.  Of course - in a month or two we will have more discretionary income as our expenses drop.  I probably won't be around as much on my Facebook games since they will not play on either tablet (if you call the Fire a tablet - I don't).  Which makes me appreciate Aywas (which plays on all 3) that much more.  Blogging - not very likely.

Certainly doesn't mean I am not writing or drawing (although I can't write for long before the arthritis in my hands becomes too painful) - but I won't be sharing.  Sorry.  Transitions, you know.  This too shall pass.


Summer Foovay

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