Thursday, June 11, 2015

Catching up with Firefly

We've been so busy, and having so much fun, and so little Internet, that I am woefully behind on this blog, eh?  I have done some writing - mostly journaling - and taken a ton of bird and wildlife photos.  We decided to take the laptops after all, but they don't have any Internet access at the State Parks.  The tablets and Chromebook do but it's such a PITA to me that I don't do much more than whip a current photo up at Facebook and give my email a cursory check for fires that need putting out.  This too shall pass - it's a work in progress.  Every month after this one is bound to be better and better.

One thing I have done is start a little series/album of photos called "Out my back window" which you can find on my Flicker account HERE.  I'll also share them here in these catching up posts where I catch you up to our doings!

 On the 3rd we took care of final business in town and then drove the hop, skip, and a jump out to Elephant Butte Lake State Park to start our big full time RV adventure.
 Ahhhhh, lake on toes.  This is the life :D
The next morning I sat and watched this little rascal munch this datura flower down to the ground behind our RV - and then decide he didn't want it after all and scamper off.  Never got a good look at him but I think he's one of our spotted ground squirrels.
And this was the back window view of Elephant Butte Lake - sure is pretty isn't it? 

Now here is one of the things I was really looking forward to.  We have alllllll day on the 4th to mosey on down to Leasburg State Park, near Las Cruces, and then the hubby's regular dialysis clinic appointment will be a mere 20 minutes away the next day.  Wheeee!  No more stress, worry, dialysis treatments done in the car by the side of the road... calm, cool, comfortable, in the safety of our own (motor)home.

So here's the back window the first night in Leasburg - a park we had never been to.

Lots of marvelous desert plants, hiking trails, and birding - OMG the birds.

You can read in a lot more detail about bird watching stuff over in the Bird Watchers Blog - otherwise this will turn into a 30 photo post to cover the last 8 days - LOL.

The other big thrill on the 4th was this:
And then on the 5th -
Yeah, we needed that!  From then on it was mostly bird watching, a little hiking, and hanging around the park office to use the only Internet in the place. 

Yesterday, we hopped in the Firefly and headed back to Elephant Butte for a few weeks between clinic appointments.  I know - pretty boring this month unless you are actually along with us to oo and ahh at birds, soak your toes in cold lake water, hike the trails or...well I haven't got the kayak wet.  YET. 

However, we were not bored yesterday at all.  Not a bit.  Not even when an inside rear tire blew up on the Firefly on the highway.  We were close enough to town that since it was on back with the dualies, we limped on into Truth or Consequences, where I found a super nice tire guy to change it - with that bright pretty new spare.  LOL.  Now we need another one!  They are pretty expensive, but next month we can get another one.  Meanwhile, we discovered that the wobble we had noticed in the drivers side back tires was caused by someone putting them on incorrectly.  (Which probably contributed to the blow out too).  Now that they are on properly the rear tires track perfectly.  We also discovered, to our great delight, that the Firefly is getting - TEN MILES TO THE GALLON.  No kidding - it's true.  Our research led us to believe we'd get maybe 7 or 8 if we were lucky - and we figured she has sat under a shade tree for ten years, before hubby did a tune-up, oil change, and aa few minor fixits.  I give him all the credit - because she purrs like a kitten on the highway. 

Meanwhile, we also found another campground out at Elephant Butte that we like much better.  But I didn't download those photos yet - next time...

I'm thinking - a funny little Kindle/paperback of the New Mexico State Parks in this area, sort of a wildlife/wild bird guide, our experiences, photos, camping info, and some coloring pages and activities for the kiddos - not to mention some fiction.  This first month has been pretty busy with practical transition things - but in time I'll have a lot more time to write and piddle around. 


Summer Foovay

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