Tuesday, May 26, 2015

SEVEN More Days

We started a countdown a few days ago - counting down the days before we disconnect the Firefly from her umbilicals here in T or C and get out on the road!  Wheee!  I have an off and on case of the butterflies in the stomach.  I know we're going to have so much fun, but of course, there is so much to be done and always little things that will prove to be speed bumps.

I know that I'll be gaining so much material for kayaking and birding and camping books.  I'll finish a few that are laying around, and have lots to write for new ones.  Several ideas are rattling around in my head (aren't they always) and I haven't chosen one (or more) to fulfill yet - but meanwhile I've put the old One Woman + One Kayak = Bliss on sale for FREE on Kindle for a few days.

Today is Tuesday, so I'll be doing the White Tornado on the house - which takes maybe an hour now LOL!  I really love our little place.  The rest of the day will be devoted to writing on book three of Blue Dragonfly which is shaping up nicely, and probably reading one of the two books I have for review. It looks like it will be a nice day so maybe I will get outside for a chalk drawing later and at any rate, I'll see about a horse for Foovay's 365 Horses.

I am thinking I won't be accepting any more books for review for a month or two until I see how my time works out on the road.  I try not to take on any obligations I cannot fulfill in a timely manner.  The same is true for Kindle book covers - no new ones for anyone else right now.

I'm so excited - new birds, new hiking, new bike trails, new water for the kayak...

Seven More Days...

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