Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Kids Books - Now 99 cents!

All three of my current kids books are now available for 99 cents on the Kindle!

The Fox And The Rabbit is a sweet, short tale of a fox who falls in love with a rabbit. Yes, a love story from me. Actually, it is a love story told to me by a particular fey folk that I know. He promised if I wrote it down and people liked it, he had many more tales to tell. Let's encourage him, shall we?

Blue Dragonfly was inspired by my reading of a very old fairy tale about a man who had gone to sleep in a magic cave. He awoke as a different animal and lived a life as that animal, then returned to his cave to "die" or sleep, and reawoke as a different animal. How I wished I could have done something like that when I was a kid! I've modernized the tale, and created an old man, Mr. Odon Ata - who tells his story to a young boy, one animal at a time. It is a combination of shape shifter, natural history, magic and science with a wee bit of RL lessons slipped in. Blue Dragonfly is the first book, and The Weaver (Blue Dragonfly Book 2) is the second book. These two were created before Amazon gave us authors the Kindle Kids Book Creator that enables us to add illustrations. I originally hoped to add some games and little learning/worksheets at the end. So far, I haven't found anyone that can do that for the Kindle Fire but I may at least release some companion books on CreateSpace if there is enough interest. And, of course, there is room for so many more books in the series.

This month I'm off to Camp Nanowrimo - when I'm not working on the Firefly - to write a mystery for adults.

Summer Foovay

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