Thursday, April 30, 2015

A few good books!

I may be too busy to blog - but I'm never too busy to read!  Once we get this show on the road (become full time RVers) I actually suspect I will be getting a lot more reading done.  And even more of it will be on the Kindle.  Right now I'm working hard at reading every library book and hard copy book in the house so I can get them outta here!

Which brings me to a terrific find from the library - No Hero by Jonathan Wood. I loved it! This is a uniquely male trip into the urban fantasy jungle. No long winded descriptions of beautiful men, or breathless pages of how sexy he is and why we shouldn't have sex, followed by torid sex somehow forced by the magic *big eye roll* Nope - just non-stop action that reminds you of your worst moments at the gaming table with a great gamemaster throwing endless reams of curve balls at you in Cthulhu. What are they? Aliens or magic? Technology or woo-woo? What the hell is going on and why is this mere mortal sucked into it? I not only couldn't put it down, I was more than happy to discover the next book in the series, Yesterday's Hero was also available. I snatched it up and read it in a day. Let me just look all smug here and note that the paperback seems to be sold out at Amazon - but you can get it on Kindle! I highly recommend this series if you like non-stop action, a story that will make you use your own brain trying to figure out what on earth is going on, well drawn characters and lots of conflict.

So while I am raving about urban fantasies, let me talk about Boundary Crossed (Boundary Magic Book 1) by Melissa F. Olson. As you may have guessed, I am getting a wee bit jaded with urban fantasy. Like any genre, once it becomes really popular you get quite a few people writing it not because they have a grand vision and love it - but because their publisher said it would make money. Trust me folks, unless you are really good, it shows. Ms. Olson clearly loves her genre and has thought out a interesting new twist on the old myths to draw you in. I found the heroine believable as well as the story, and it all moves along as a good action filled pace that I like. A very good new entry to the field that I certainly plan to follow.

Now for us mystery fans - The Case of the Not-So-Fair Trader (A Richard Sherlock Whodunit Book 1) by Jim Stevens is the start of a new series you are going to want to check out. Again, this is a guys book. Minimal romance and relationship blah blah blah, plenty of mystery, action, and quirky fun. Not a cozy, although he is a single dad of two impertinent young daughters and has a crazy side kick. There are a lot of characters in these books, but each is so clearly drawn that you won't forget who is who or stop speculating on whodunit until the end. Imagine Sam Spade meets Janet Evanovich. I've also read and reviewed the second book in the series, The Case of Moomah's Moolah - in fact, I read it first and then went looking for the first in the series. If you actually want to read a MYSTERY, not a romance with a passing nod to mystery - here's your series!

I do not read a lot of horror anymore.  Like with some other genres, I got spoiled to awesome writers (Dean Koontz, Bram Stoker) and got tired of the imitators.  Comes a new (to me) author who hooked me by setting the story in Japan, in a vast, spooky forest.  I figured, I'll give it a try.  Suicide Forest (A Suspense Horror Thriller & Mystery Novel) (World's Scariest Places Occult & Supernatural Crime Series Book 1) by Jeremy Bates ought to come with a warning label - do NOT read this late at night in the house alone.  I did and ended up watching two hours of light funny anime before I figured I could sleep without nightmares.  This is my favorite kind of horror - taut, psychological, growing creeping fear with no clear explanation until the very end when the remaining characters are in a fight for their lives.  Having my own love for travel and exotic locales - I will be following this series for sure!

Last but hardly least - you know how I love memoirs.  I want to share one that I recently helped a friend publish on the Kindle, Diary of a Satisfied Lawyer by John C. Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler is a deep thinker who has had some very interesting experiences in his law practice.  He is also a Christian, and has managed to live by his principles even as he practiced law.  Which is to say - he actually helps people and isn't your typical slimy shark in a suit type of lawyer.  I found it interesting reading and I think you probably will, too.

Okay, that's enough for one day.  Not all of these were reviewed on Amazon simply because when I finish the book and they jerk me off to review I am on my Kindle and about to go to bed.  I prefer to sleep on it and review in the morning using my nice, ergonomic keyboard and the computer.  I'm old fashioned that way.  I wish they would let me rate it without asking me to write a whole review right that moment.  Anyhow - some days as soon as I am up I'm rushed into dumb things I gotta do and by the time I remember I wanted to review that book its three days later and I've got to go reread the first chapter to remember what it was I liked - LOL.

Hope you found something good in here!


Summer Foovay

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