Sunday, February 8, 2015

Not bad considering

MapMyRide says I got in four workouts last week totaling 16.5 miles and 2.74 hours.  I'm relatively happy with that given I'm coming back from that hideous flu, and last week was also payday week for the husband.  This means one day was spent running around paying bills, another spent doing grocery and other shopping, and of course, one day doing the clinics thing.  It certainly helps that the weather has warmed up and the sunshine beckons me outdoors all day long!

I only got two entries at the Bird Watchers Notebook which is a little disappointing - I'm shooting for three - but you can't control the birds and although I've been getting bike rides in, they have been happening in the warm afternoon when most birds are snoozing somewhere.  On the other hand, I got a great photo of the Great Blue Heron roosting in a dead tree that I like quite a bit.

To my own surprise - although I do know how determined I can be - I've been managing to keep up with Foovay's 365 Horses.  Again - this was a challenging week time wise but actually the hardest day was yesterday.  You ever have one of those days when everything you touch goes to shit?  The culmination of this one was an abortive bicycle ride where every place I stopped to sit and draw seemed to feature other humans who had decided the beautiful weather meant it was a great day to scream angrily at each other outdoors instead of in their own home.  At the last little pull out, I parked the bike and sat down on the ground - and the bike fell over and hit me in the back.  Ow.

This left me with a major backache, on top of the problem that everything I touched went straight to hell, so when I finally gave up and sat down to try to draw digitally instead of by hand, I quickly became frustrated.  I finally slapped out a freehand cartoon horse that expresses my frustration more than my artistic ability.  I'm thinking today I am going to write a little article for the first time, rather than a drawing.

So all in all - a pretty good week considering the time factors.  Next week will be a real test, with more doctors - but we are also about to get a real answer (we hope) about this new husband health issue that will (we hope) put our minds at ease after several months of ongoing stress.

Suspense is all well and good in books and movies, but not much fun in real life when it involves a high-risk surgery or a possible quick death.  I'm sure we'll find out it's all been yet another big scare courtesy of the medical profession and life will go on.



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