Monday, February 23, 2015

Gotta Love New Mexico Weather

Saturday we went for a nice walk by the river.
 The lengths my dear husband will go to to get me that pretty rock.
 Do you see the face here?
 There's a cave waaaay up there
 Doesn't this look like the Harry Potter Whomping Willow?
 What do you suppose these little circles are on this rock high on a cliffside?
 I love the cool swooping colors and cuts.  We have the prettiest rocks here.

This little bird clearly does NOT want to be in the Bird Watchers Blog!

And then this morning I got up to this:
Of course, I love snow - so I was delighted!  Wheeee, snow!

So - other than the fact that I am most definately NOT getting a bike ride in today - how am I doing on the various and sundry goals for 2015?

Speaking of workouts - MapMyRide says I got 4 rides in last week for a total of 18.35 miles.  Still short of my goal of 3 - 10 mile rides a week, but it's a work in progress.  It is better than the week before, and it doesn't include our Saturday walk..  I tried a new route on Sunday (which will be on this weeks work outs) which is not very long - but it's murder with several steep uphill gradients.

Bird Watchers Notebook got two posts - not the three I'd like but as you can see from the pic above, the birds are not cooperating.  LOL.  I know, what a crummy excuse.

365 Horses - Yay me, I'm up to 35 and counting.  I did decide that I really don't like turning on the computer at all on Sunday.  I value that day truly off and away from it.  So I did a horse Sunday, but it got posted today. That is how that's gonna be done from now on.

All three of the new sex books published and have one sale each.  I added back matter that had links to my other sex books so I am waiting a couple of weeks to see if that gives me any significant sales bump before I worry about publishing any more or changes to covers and so forth.  Today was my day to write and edit on...something else.  Probably getting the old Bird Watchers Notebook into Kindle form.  The day is quickly getting away from me!  No worries - I'm free most of this week to write/edit/draw/publish and that is pretty much the plan.  Mainly (I hope) finishing up some works that are near complete and getting them published.

I also republished Bloodline.  I took it down because of a cruel and scathing review I received, as well as some other criticisms I thought might be legit. I was going to actually rewrite the damn thing - again. Sunday I started and chucked about four (free) Kindle books and decided that if that crap was acceptable (and reviewed with lots of stars - must be great to be able to buy reviews), so was Bloodline - just exactly the way it is. When it's back up, I'll post it here.

Yep, guess that's it.  Not a bad week.


Summer Foovay 

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