Sunday, January 11, 2015

No fun

I have managed to catch the flu.  Influenza Type A to be exact - which I know for sure because we had to run the husband to the ER when his fever spiked to 100.  With someone on peritoneal dialysis, as he is, any high fever is a reason for concern.  So even though we were pretty sure it was a cold or flu, we got to drive the 140 mile round trip to the ER in the only hospital in the area that has dialysis facilities (in case they should have to keep him).  Good thing he got sick first, really, as I have to say that by now I probably wouldn't be able to make the drive.

So I have not gotten my three bike rides, or my three birding blogs done this week.  Pooh.  In fact, I'm laying low hoping not to spread flu germs everywhere I go.  We are pretty sure we caught it in Las Cruces last week, and we'd rather not think we might be the germ vector that brought it to Truth or Consequences! Although I saw the CDC report on Influenza in New Mexico this morning and we are officially categorized as having a "widespread" outbreak.  Still, I wouldn't foist this misery on anyone if I can help it.

Speaking of spreading the flu - one hint that I found that is a good one is to cough into your sleeve rather than on your hand.  Twice this month I've watched someone cough into their hand, then grab a piece of paper out of the printer with that same hand and hand it over to me.  Ew.  Lots of handwashing, and keeping a little hand sanitizer bottle in the car (and using it frequently) is also a great idea.

Isn't it strange that we are able to treat complete kidney failure, but not a little cold or flu germ?  The doctor told us to go home, rest, and drink plenty of liquids.  That's it. Even if we had kept hubby in the hospital - they would have him rest, and perhaps on IV fluids.  In which case, he is safer at home - where at least he isn't likely to catch anything else!

Even my favorite naturopathic/homeopathic/herbal treatments have nothing to offer.  Apparently Zinc, Echinachea and Vitamin C really will help prevent you from catching a cold - but maybe not the flu.  Once you've got the flu - the only thing that "might" help is Elderberry and there are a couple of Elderberry concoctions you can get but at best, they admit, that might shorten your sick time by a day or two.  

This is where you ask why we are not both vaccinated for the flu.  Because if we get vaccinated, we will definately be sick with the flu, although probably only a day or three.  If we are not vaccinated, given our overboard sanitary precautions (because of the Peritoneal Dialysis and hubbys compromised immune system) it is unlikely we will catch the flu at all.  Even our PD nurse agrees with us on this.  In fact, this is the first time we've had the flu in about eight years.

The nurse suggested the prescription Tamilflu - but that only works if you take it within 48 hours of infection and by our figures hubby had been sick at least three days.  And from what I've seen advertised, the best that can even offer is to shorten your sick time by a day or two.

So all we can do is huddle down and wait for nature to take her course.


I wish I could at least feel like I could do some writing or editing while I can't get out and about - but I have to admit I don't think my brain is up to anything remotely analytical or creative.  Mostly I want to curl up with a good book or three.  So - maybe I'll get a book review or two out of it anyway ;)


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  1. Sorry to hear you now have the 'flu too, but at least you can commiserate with each other! Get it out of the house once for all and then both get back to normal as quickly as possible. I don't believe in the Flu Vac either. I am healthy as a horse apart from being overweight and that darn Sarcoidosis crap. VERY unlikely a flu bug would knock me down for long. Think I have had 'flu maybe 4 times in my entire life. Get well soon, you guys, and until then take good care of each other.


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