Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Back On Track

At last I seem to have recovered from the flu - although I seem to get tired rather quickly.  But by and large, I think I'm back on track.  I plan on hopping on the bike here in a few minutes and get at least a short ride in today.  With any luck, some bird will pose long enough for a photo for the Bird Watchers Notebook - New Mexico blog.

Meanwhile, I've begun yet another blog - like I needed it.  What I felt I did need was something, some project, that I could work on every single day even if I only had a few minutes.  I browsed a bit on the Internet looking at various 365 day projects, and eventually settled on this. Foovay's 365 Horses. The idea being that it is flexible. As long as I share a daily horse, it can be a drawing (in various media from digital to sidewalk chalks), or a photo, or a story, or an article - as long as it is somehow "horsey". On days when I have lots of time, perhaps I'll share some horse stories from my life, or write a well researched article on some horse subject that intrigues me, or get into some elaborate colored pencil drawing. On days I am a little more time pressured, I can whip up a digital drawing, or share a photo. Mainly it will give me the opportunity to say "Okay, I accomplished something today." even on days when it feels like I've been running on the hamster wheel all day, running and running and getting nowhere.

Yeah, the year has been that bad so far.  It's looking up though.


Summer Foovay

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