Sunday, January 25, 2015

Progress Report

2015 hasn't had the most auspicious start.  However, I've picked up this last week and hope to be truly on track by next week.

MapMyRide tells me I got two workouts in this week, totaling 1.31 hours and 8.68 miles.  My goal is 3 workouts a week, and to gradually increase my bike rides to 10 miles each but given the very cold, windy, and even wet weather this week, on top of that terrible bout of flu I'm still getting over I'm not unhappy with this weeks workouts.  If I am to complete that challenge I signed up for (which I thought at the time would be easy - LOL) I'll have to ride at least 20 minutes every single day until Feb. 8th.  Since this would include several days that we are going to be out of town for doctor's appointments...well, I'll give it hell.

Speaking of doctors, I spent a day on the phone reading the riot act to various nurses and clinics and social workers and we finally got the damn straight information regarding the husbands CT scan.  We may have some new health challenges coming up, but nothing we can't handle.  Until we find out for sure whether or not he will have to have surgery we can't really make any plans forward.  Meanwhile we're working on a new Primary Care, and I'm going to do my best to get us a different PD nurse as well - since this nurses inability to communicate has caused several severe problems.  And I am going to work on getting the man a medical marijuana prescription - since using 20 Trameel up in two years has made the Dr. decide he is a big time pain medication junkie.

The Bird Watchers Notebook-New Mexico only got two posts this week - the goal is three.  Of course, the idea is I get my bike ride in, and find a bird or two to talk about while I'm at it so again, weather and flu.  However, I did get both Bird Watchers Notebook and Foovay's 365 Horses set up so you can now subscribe to them on your Kindle!  Just click on the links here and you'll get to the Amazon page to request them.

Speaking of Foovay's 365 Horses I'm proud that so far I've created six horses in six days without missing a one.  It is part of the reason I am here today.  As you may know, Sunday is normally my "no computer day".  Well, duh me, I realized yesterday that as long as I am doing the 365 horses project, I can't really have a no computer day.  However, I can create a horse without the computer, and keep my computer time down to a few minutes to blog it.

Why, you say, are you writing this long post at Unique Eclectic then?  Well, because the hubby has a big wrestling event he wants to watch today.  This means that for several hours I can pretty much count on no interruptions for several hours this afternoon.  I'm planning on using that time to finish up the tail end of a sex story that is the 3rd in a series.  Then over the next few days I'll get them edited, covered, and (I hope) published this week.  So - my no computer day is just shot.  I'll take a day off later this week.  I've also managed to volunteer myself to type a friends manuscript into Word, pretty it up and publish it for him as well.  Busy week coming up!

Meanwhile, I'm marathoning the most delightful little K-Drama, Coffee Prince.  Yes, because I need yet another addiction.  I love Go Yun Chan, who is a girl who is constantly mistaken for a boy - been there, done that.  She ends up with a job at a coffee shop that has only boy barristas...and the comedy is on.

So, there we are for this fine week in January 2015.  It is a beautiful day, so I think I'll get a bike ride in before I park myself in front of Word and watch that cursed cursor blink-blink-blink...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Imbolc/Brigid's Day Greeting Cards

Pagans who celebrate Imbolc, or Brigid's Day will enjoy these Imbolc/Brigid's Day greeting cards to share with their Pagan friends and family.

Welcome Brigid - Imbolc greeting card
Welcome Brigid - Imbolc greeting card by foovay
Look at other Imbolc Cards at
Brigid's Day Greeting Card Blessing
Brigid's Day Greeting Card Blessing by foovay
Make a card on zazzle.

The second card includes the garden blessing.  Back when I had a garden to bless, I'm sure the neighbors wondered what in the world I was doing in the early hours of Feb.1st morning when I was layered under winter clothes and walking around the garden mumbling to myself!  I don't have a garden here these days, so allow me to send some blessings to your garden.  


Summer Foovay

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Unbelievable TBR pile

I rearranged all the books I had around the house waiting To Be Read - the dreaded TBR pile that at times in my life has occupied two or more bookcases.  Here it is.

Alligator included for scale.  Furthermore, the two on the left are loaners that will go home soon.  The hardback is finished, but I am deciding how might appreciate it most before I pass it on.  The rest, with a few exceptions are non-fiction about horses, or birds.

Mind you, there are no less than 50 TBR on my Kindle and more in the cloud - but they don't take up any space in my tiny house.

Viva La Kindle! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Back On Track

At last I seem to have recovered from the flu - although I seem to get tired rather quickly.  But by and large, I think I'm back on track.  I plan on hopping on the bike here in a few minutes and get at least a short ride in today.  With any luck, some bird will pose long enough for a photo for the Bird Watchers Notebook - New Mexico blog.

Meanwhile, I've begun yet another blog - like I needed it.  What I felt I did need was something, some project, that I could work on every single day even if I only had a few minutes.  I browsed a bit on the Internet looking at various 365 day projects, and eventually settled on this. Foovay's 365 Horses. The idea being that it is flexible. As long as I share a daily horse, it can be a drawing (in various media from digital to sidewalk chalks), or a photo, or a story, or an article - as long as it is somehow "horsey". On days when I have lots of time, perhaps I'll share some horse stories from my life, or write a well researched article on some horse subject that intrigues me, or get into some elaborate colored pencil drawing. On days I am a little more time pressured, I can whip up a digital drawing, or share a photo. Mainly it will give me the opportunity to say "Okay, I accomplished something today." even on days when it feels like I've been running on the hamster wheel all day, running and running and getting nowhere.

Yeah, the year has been that bad so far.  It's looking up though.


Summer Foovay

Sunday, January 11, 2015

No fun

I have managed to catch the flu.  Influenza Type A to be exact - which I know for sure because we had to run the husband to the ER when his fever spiked to 100.  With someone on peritoneal dialysis, as he is, any high fever is a reason for concern.  So even though we were pretty sure it was a cold or flu, we got to drive the 140 mile round trip to the ER in the only hospital in the area that has dialysis facilities (in case they should have to keep him).  Good thing he got sick first, really, as I have to say that by now I probably wouldn't be able to make the drive.

So I have not gotten my three bike rides, or my three birding blogs done this week.  Pooh.  In fact, I'm laying low hoping not to spread flu germs everywhere I go.  We are pretty sure we caught it in Las Cruces last week, and we'd rather not think we might be the germ vector that brought it to Truth or Consequences! Although I saw the CDC report on Influenza in New Mexico this morning and we are officially categorized as having a "widespread" outbreak.  Still, I wouldn't foist this misery on anyone if I can help it.

Speaking of spreading the flu - one hint that I found that is a good one is to cough into your sleeve rather than on your hand.  Twice this month I've watched someone cough into their hand, then grab a piece of paper out of the printer with that same hand and hand it over to me.  Ew.  Lots of handwashing, and keeping a little hand sanitizer bottle in the car (and using it frequently) is also a great idea.

Isn't it strange that we are able to treat complete kidney failure, but not a little cold or flu germ?  The doctor told us to go home, rest, and drink plenty of liquids.  That's it. Even if we had kept hubby in the hospital - they would have him rest, and perhaps on IV fluids.  In which case, he is safer at home - where at least he isn't likely to catch anything else!

Even my favorite naturopathic/homeopathic/herbal treatments have nothing to offer.  Apparently Zinc, Echinachea and Vitamin C really will help prevent you from catching a cold - but maybe not the flu.  Once you've got the flu - the only thing that "might" help is Elderberry and there are a couple of Elderberry concoctions you can get but at best, they admit, that might shorten your sick time by a day or two.  

This is where you ask why we are not both vaccinated for the flu.  Because if we get vaccinated, we will definately be sick with the flu, although probably only a day or three.  If we are not vaccinated, given our overboard sanitary precautions (because of the Peritoneal Dialysis and hubbys compromised immune system) it is unlikely we will catch the flu at all.  Even our PD nurse agrees with us on this.  In fact, this is the first time we've had the flu in about eight years.

The nurse suggested the prescription Tamilflu - but that only works if you take it within 48 hours of infection and by our figures hubby had been sick at least three days.  And from what I've seen advertised, the best that can even offer is to shorten your sick time by a day or two.

So all we can do is huddle down and wait for nature to take her course.


I wish I could at least feel like I could do some writing or editing while I can't get out and about - but I have to admit I don't think my brain is up to anything remotely analytical or creative.  Mostly I want to curl up with a good book or three.  So - maybe I'll get a book review or two out of it anyway ;)


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day Twelve

The only lingering goal for these 13 days of nothing planned that was not finished was, of course, the 13 books in 13 days.  I did finish 2 and have a 3rd started and 4th and 5th outlined, and I will keep working at it until I do have 13 new sex books published.  I've had to move the deadline off to Jan. 31st, but at least I have made some progress towards some new books in the Petit Morte line, and I've also set up public profiles for readers who want to follow those books.

All the rest of my little goals were finished except for the silly game goals.  One of those is because of things beyond my control - a slow game server, and our own slow Internet over the holidays.  The other fell by the wayside as other things were done, and a few events did actually fill up those days I thought I would have all to myself.

I am very pleased with myself to have gotten outside, in the cold, on the bike and met my goals for after the new year as far as distance on the bike ride AND (more important to you readers) getting a couple of photos and bird sightings for the new Bird Watchers Notebook - New Mexico Yes, the blog is up and has one whole post for today.  Woohoo!  The goal is 3 posts per week with photos or artwork, which nicely works into my goal of 3 bike rides a week of over 5 miles hopefully working up to 10 miles by the end of the year - if not more.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with me.  Hubby and I took care of some of the year end stuff today, and scheduled a day next week to do the last bit.  Starting tomorrow, it's back to the rat race with things to do and people to see and Dr.s to deal with.  For now, I'm going to sit back and relax a bit, and who knows - maybe write a little more later..

Hope your new year is full of blessings!  Thanks for reading my blog :D.


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