Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day Two - Book Two

Oh yes, I did in fact complete a fine almost 5000 word tome of hot crazy cougar sex yesterday.  It needs editing, front and back matter and a cover before publication.  I was actually hoping to get that done today too (the day is not over) and then tomorrow I will hopefully have link for you to purchase the first of thirteen in thirteen.  But I am taking a break - having finished the second hot sexy book in as many days with another marathon of just over 5000 words.

All this and handwashing, and dinner made too - tada - I'm wonder woman!  LOL.

I'm even making inroads on the anime marathon.  One last show to finish before Crunchyroll loses the license for it the first of the year.  Then I'll see about these three (fortunately smallish) books I am supposed to have read and reviewed by the end of the year.

Meanwhile - what an awesome Winter Solstice.  From here on things will only get better and better as my friend the sunshine returns.  Hope you are having a good holiday.


Summer Foovay

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