Monday, December 29, 2014

Day Nine Progress Report

The last few days have been pretty difficult with the depression.  That said, I have made some progress.

Fitness - Probably the best news is that according to MapMyRide, I actually worked out six days of seven last week.  Wow.  And I didn't even realize it.  Since my actual goal was 3 of 7 - and my plan was to start on Jan 1st - I feel pretty kick ass!

Anime/J-drama - done
Read & Review - done

Facetious Game Goals - I think it is a combination of a FishWorld issues and our own Internet slowness issues (which is beyond my control), which lost me most of two days push for level 100.  At this point, I believe it may simply be mathematically impossible.  So I don't think I'll make it, but I can legitimately point to causes beyond my control.  As for Horse Planet, it isn't done, but I think it may be doable yet.  Coming at it from a different direction right now.

13 Books in 13 Days - The most important goal is the one that has stalled out completely, due to a combination of petty interruptions and personal depression.  There are personal reasons I can't discuss that this has become nearly impossible - but I am not giving up.  Again, coming at it from a different direction.  I may not have all 13 finished by the 3rd as planned, but I will finish - and publish -  13 new sex story books by the end of January at the very latest.

Meanwhile, there are still six of my sex books free on the Kindle for a couple more days.


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