Saturday, December 27, 2014

Day 7 Progress Report

I've made progress, although it isn't the progress I really had in mind.  However, I still give myself a pat on the back, because I did a task I've been putting off for a very long time.  My pen name, Petit Morte, now has her own TwitterFacebook, and Blogger accounts, along with a newletter you can opt into from her blog and of course - she's had her own Author's Page on Amazon for a little while now.  So if you are following along hoping I'll drop a link to my hot sex stories and books - grab these links and friend and follow and so on.  I'll keep knocking you on the head with them for a few more months and then I'll drop it so the sex story people and the rest of you can sort of sort yourselves out.

Meanwhile, did you get a Kindle for Christmas?  Great - because I've got six of my most popular sex stories and one sexy how to book FREE for you until the first of the year!

Yeah, did that, too.

I finished the Jdrama/anime marathon in time, too.  Got on the bike yesterday - but the tablet croaked so I didn't get credit on the MapMyRide workout challenge.  That sucks, because it was really cold and horrible to ride!  LOL.  It's even colder today and no, I'm not going out there for anything.  I'm going to put a big pot of beans on the stove in a little while and that and writing is going to be my big tasks for the day.  Unless I decided to fluff off and go work on the FW and Horse Planet goals instead ;) but I really do need to do some writing since I'm still at 2 1/3 stories for the 13 in 13 goal - LOL.  I was distracted yesterday by someone who wanted to visit and pour wine.  Yes, I can be distracted by a drink...and good conversation.  So while I didn't do any writing - having set up Petit Morte as her own "person" online is progress - because that is part of what I have been putting off.  Now I can add new back matter that will allow readers to find their preferred method of following Petit Morte so they can (and will, I hope) buy new books as they come out.  Slowly but surely, the old books will also be updated with the new back matter, and new more sexy and sizzling covers.

So let's see - 13 books in 13 days - um, 2 1/3 but some of the necessary editing/publishing details have been done.
Fitness Challenge - not bad actually.  Who knows, I may actually get on the bike later today but right now, much too cold.
Anime/JDrama marathon - done!  I am really glad I made the effort for Akuma-chan, or My Little Nightmare.  It was funny, sweet, and surprisingly profound in the long run.  I enjoyed streaming it at Crunchyroll but I'm not sure I'd go so far as to purchase the series or the movie at Amazon as those are running close to $100 and I'm not THAT crazy about it. It did get me to upgrade my membership to include JDrama again - which will also give me the chance to watch a couple of JDramas I kind of wanted to see, but not bad enough to endure commercials - LOL.   Encouragement of Climb the first season was cute and okay, but again, I wouldn't run out and buy it.  I'm not even sure the second season is going to be all that high on my to be watched list.  Pupa  was, well my overall impression was it was weird.  It had some obvious plot holes and overall seemed like a bit of a poor excuse for brother/sister not quite incest sex but...  she eats him - nuff said.
Reading/Reviewing - yeah, I'm getting to that now.
Facetious goals - I was all set to make a big push on FW and blew it totally by being out of the house half the day, and then finding the game running way too slow the rest of the day.  Not sure catching up is even possible, but I'll probably try.  Planet Horse - um - yeah, after I get some writing done today I'll probably work on that one, too!

Overall - I do believe I'll get the reading/reviewing done.  I am beginning to doubt I can catch up on the 13 books in 13 days, but if I don't I'll continue to write until I do have 13 new Petit Morte books because - yeah, I need to.  It might push off the start of the reworking of the kids books, but that's okay.  My publisher is cool with that ;) I'm pretty happy with how I'm doing on the Fitness Challenge, beings as how my actual goal was set to start after the first of the year.  Got the anime marathon done.  Not sure it's mathematically possible to hit the Fish World goal, and the Planet Horse goal is secondary to writing, really.  For me, for midwinter, well I give myself a big pat on the back for getting up in the morning LOL.  So yeah, not bad.

Hope you are having a great holiday season.


  1. Goals are great to have but they do need to be reachable and yet a little stretching. Sounds like you have plenty of goals to strive to achieve. Hopefully all of your tasks will keep the winter blues away! I don't know how cold it is there in NM but when I was back home and losing weight I walked 6 miles in the snow because I had a goal to walk 6 miles EVERY day regardless of what was happening or the weather. It was actually fun! Freaking cold but fun! So bundle up and get at least a small bike ride in today....the fresh air in your lungs will be invigorating and may help the rest of the day be more productive and enjoyable.

    1. It's 39F which is a tiny bit warmer - almost as warm as it was when I forced myself out yesterday. Today the wind isn't blowing though. Hubby just got back from running an errand and says it actually isn't too bad out there. The bike ride/exercize and bit of sunshine (it IS sunny - just cold) will really help with the blues, I know. I have a big pot of beans on the stove so the house is warm and if I get off my butt I can come home to a nice hot meal so, yeh, probably going to go. Thanks for the encouragement!

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