Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Nanowrimo Day 5 - In which we learn more about our Protagonist and finally meet the enemy

I'm more than satisfied with the 2362 words written today.  I'm even more satisfied with myself for overcoming a small hurdle.  That of having an overall story arc - the "bad guy" that has to be defeated has finally shown himself and his evil plan.  Well, part of it, anyway.  Enough to go on with.  And from out of nowhere a lottery winner has inserted himself into the story.  A bolt from the blue that could upset all sorts of things.  I named that video game that Glory (our protagonist) is obsessed with, and w learned a bit more about her over all.  Yes, yes I am pleased.  *chuckle* and I am suitably ahead of things so that losing all or most of a day to clinics is not going to be a big deal at all.  I may actually sit down and write on things some more late tonight - it's pretty much in my head now so you know how that goes.  It gets banging on the bars and screaming to be let out.

See, I've been good.  So let me just remind you again that I am fundraising for Nanowrimo this year - hint, hint, hint.

Like last years story, this is turning into great fun to write.  However unsuccessful they may be in sales, I at least have a blast with the YA books.  I can't truthfully say that about sales, come to think of it, as none of them has reached the point of publication yet - LOL.  Sigh.  Editing.  Groan.  And I am having a great time in Locoweed, New Mexico.  *evil cackle*

See ya there!

Chapter Headings:
Chapter One - In Which Glory Meets A Monster
Chapter Two - In Which Glory Meets A Witch
Chapter Three - In Which Glory gets some  Very Surprising News
Chapter Four - In Which Glory meets Godsmatch

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