Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nanowrimo Day 2

I've been very good today.  I can surely write off watching a couple of anime with the husband as inspiration - since I claim the novel is somewhat anime inspired.  The novel is now up to 5623 words, meaning I added 3073 words today, and I'm probably barely halfway through the second chapter.  Oh yes, I've also added actual chapter titles and headings.  If you are as old as I am, you may recall books that had chapter titles like this "Chapter one - in which our protagonist meets his antagonist".  The novel seemed to be lending itself to exactly that kind of treatment, and since part of the idea is to keep it episodic (and thus hopefully interesting) while also having an overall arc/plot I am going along with the flow.

I can't brag too much, however, since I am well aware of the fact that very little, if any, writing will be done tomorrow.  By the time I return on Tuesday I will probably be only very slightly ahead of the word count goal and it will be back to the grind.

Most years I throw all my Kindle published books on free this month to sort of celebrate Nano - but this year I've been doing pretty good at keeping at least one book free on every day and that has resulted in many of them not being eligible.  On top of that, I want to do some very big updates on all the sex books and sex stories.  The childrens books are in for a complete redo now that Amazon has finally created software to create picture books (yay).

If you have a problem with the fact that I write both sex books, and childrens books - I bet you also believe your mother found you under a cabbage leaf.  Get real.  

So I actually am not wanting to do any big promotions on what is already out there at the moment.  Moving On - which was my second successful Nanowrimo novel - is not eligible for free days right now - but you can read it on your Kindle for free if you have Amazon Prime or the new Kindle Unlimited.  The link is here.  
The first one - well, of course, it is lingering in the works in progress folder, along with at least three other Nano novels.  Last years Nano novel is pretty close to being finished.  The names must be changed to protect the guilty.  And I will have to check continuity - since it is set in Locoweed, New Mexico - as is this years work.  In fact, the first Nano novel is under consideration for radical rewrite to set it in Locoweed as well.

Welcome to my world.

(said the spider to the fly)


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