Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nanowrimo Day 1

I freely admit that most years I don't start my Nanowrimo novel until November 4th.  Between Samhain and my hubby's BD on November 3rd, I am frequently much too busy to sit down and write.  I also know I am well capable of cranking out about 1000 words per hour if I am in rough draft just slap them words down mode so I'm never all that worried.  I also have to admit that I am really good at starting stories - just look at these 100+ works in progress - my problem is in finishing and then (even worse) getting them edited and in publishable form.

But since I have the first eleven days of November basically free this year - outside of the 3rd's BD celebration - I fully intended to get started on the novel.  I've got a few notes, a really basic outline, some vague ideas, and felt like I could find the time easily.  That said, I then proceeded to procrastinate until almost 5 pm!  Then admitted I was procrastinating (but the wash was done, the dishes were done, and I had worked a few minutes at the Turk after all) and sat down to watch that cursor blink-blink-blink on the blank page.

2550 words later I am actually pretty happy with the first chapter.  I introduce my heroine, and got her chased by a monster that no one else could see.

So, I pat myself on the back.  I blog.  I remind you who may be following me that I am fundraising (Donate to here) and now I'm off to get back to my regularly scheduled evening.



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