Tuesday, November 18, 2014

And It's Offical

This novel is horrible.  I no longer wish to waste time on it that I could be spending teaching myself Japanese, or to use these two new graphic programs I bought last month and haven't found time to learn yet.  I have other projects that are more important to me - like (yes Dee) finishing the other 100 WIP floating around this computer - most of which are much better than this piece of crap.  Like revamping the three small childrens books I want to make into that new nifty Kindle picture book format - not to mention the adult book where I want to do the same to share my drawings of birds.

The novel's premise is solid, but this - just write write write - has sent me astray on tangents that are clearly going to have to be deleted completely, and will cause considerable rewriting (my least favorite thing in the world) to have to be done.  It will most likely end up on a far, far, far back burner and when I do revisit it - be started over completely rather than trying to salvage any of the actual writing that has been done.  But I really could have spent that four hours yesterday working on something that would SELL.  Sorry - but living below poverty level tends to make you very aware of that sort of thing.

It hasn't been a total waste of time.  I've proven to myself that I'm still best at marathon writing days cranking out 4000 words or so (which would BE a novel in the sex story universe - something that would sit there and dribble money into my bank account for years to come).  I've reminded some people that I am a writer, and that I actually do have to have TIME to write - it doesn't just appear magically.  Learned I need to discipline myself better and not disappear down the rabbit hole of games and videos.  So there have been some lessons learned.  Or perhaps, reminded myself of is more like it.

I got to donate this year - thanks to Amazon's nice fat KOLL/KU payment for a couple of months ago - so that's fun.  And it was fun to write about something other than whose sexual organ is how big and going where - although that is all people will buy.  At this point - it will be a relief to go back to something that easy!  LOL!

So thanks to the one or two people who supported me, and best of luck to all the folks who are still grinding away - may your novels all become best sellers!



  1. Quite frankly, when I first saw you were going to force yourself to write every day to get a novel completed, I thought to myself that there is no way in Hades that 'I' could do it! If it didn't work out for you, I am glad you realized now and not at the end of the month. As you said, now you can concentrate your efforts on something that will make money, and hopefully be more enjoyable.

    1. FORCE myself? Well, that isn't the case. In fact I have finished several novels in several Nanowrimos - one of which is the published novel Moving On, another of which was published but I removed it because of a hateful review. And that event is probably why the rest languish being rewritten over and over, edited over and over for spelling, grammar, punctuation - because some people make it their life's work to criticize and attack indie authors. Which is another issue - I labor and labor over these novels and then they sell a couple copies a year. I whip out a sex story, check the spelling, make sure there aren't any major errors and off it goes to make money money money. No one reviews them, of course, God Forbid we admit we read them, but they perk happily along with no effort on my part at all. I seem constitutionally incapable of settling for that!


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