Tuesday, November 18, 2014

And It's Offical

This novel is horrible.  I no longer wish to waste time on it that I could be spending teaching myself Japanese, or to use these two new graphic programs I bought last month and haven't found time to learn yet.  I have other projects that are more important to me - like (yes Dee) finishing the other 100 WIP floating around this computer - most of which are much better than this piece of crap.  Like revamping the three small childrens books I want to make into that new nifty Kindle picture book format - not to mention the adult book where I want to do the same to share my drawings of birds.

The novel's premise is solid, but this - just write write write - has sent me astray on tangents that are clearly going to have to be deleted completely, and will cause considerable rewriting (my least favorite thing in the world) to have to be done.  It will most likely end up on a far, far, far back burner and when I do revisit it - be started over completely rather than trying to salvage any of the actual writing that has been done.  But I really could have spent that four hours yesterday working on something that would SELL.  Sorry - but living below poverty level tends to make you very aware of that sort of thing.

It hasn't been a total waste of time.  I've proven to myself that I'm still best at marathon writing days cranking out 4000 words or so (which would BE a novel in the sex story universe - something that would sit there and dribble money into my bank account for years to come).  I've reminded some people that I am a writer, and that I actually do have to have TIME to write - it doesn't just appear magically.  Learned I need to discipline myself better and not disappear down the rabbit hole of games and videos.  So there have been some lessons learned.  Or perhaps, reminded myself of is more like it.

I got to donate this year - thanks to Amazon's nice fat KOLL/KU payment for a couple of months ago - so that's fun.  And it was fun to write about something other than whose sexual organ is how big and going where - although that is all people will buy.  At this point - it will be a relief to go back to something that easy!  LOL!

So thanks to the one or two people who supported me, and best of luck to all the folks who are still grinding away - may your novels all become best sellers!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Nanowrimo 2014 Day 17


1,000 words - one Pocky
2,000 words - two Pocky(s?)
3,000 words - two Pocky's and a MexiCoke
wow, that went fast
4,000 words - two more Pockys

She was NOT crazy.  No no no no…

And then she tripped over the huge pink snake.

Ice cream? Half way to parr...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Random Thoughts

Random thoughts from my morning meditation.  That equally randomly I thought I would post today.

It is November 16.  The high today is supposed to be 50, and we are expecting snow tomorrow - and there are three white butterflies dancing around my back yard right now.

I really need to find someone to edit my YA books - someone who works for cheap or free!  - and a support group of a few friends to push me to work on my children's picture books.  I am currently dealing with some seasonal depression that has taken as it's cause the fact that my mainstream books sell nothing - while those old sex books I don't pay any attention to perk happily along making a certain amount of money for me every month without a bit of effort on my part.

Why is it that I feel like I don't want to write sex books?  I mean, I think it's the - I want to be respected for my mind, not just my sexy body - sorta thing.  That said, maybe I need to wrap my mind around - this is my gift, to have had a sex life not many can boast of, and to share it.  I kinda get tired of having a million things about me I'd like to share and all anyone wants to hear about is what its like to be bisexual or be in a nice, working poly relationship or long term open marriage.  Look, I'm not really interested in how often you have sex with your husband and in what position, how come you think you can ask about my sex life?

It never ceases to amaze me - it really does - that people like me. That I am popular - online.  I mean, I bet there aren't three people who went to school with me who even remember I exist.  Or care.  I said this out loud, and the hubby reminded me that I was a very successful, popular, well liked exotic dancer.  In my tiny little world of the time, I was sort of a star.  Well, it astounded me then and it still does.  I don't think it is being humble, so much as having been raised by someone who told me endlessly how stupid, ugly, and worthless I was and that if people "really" knew me they would hate me.  Something deep inside me still believes all that (and probably always will) and finds it endlessly surprising that people like me.

I have a family of choice. It's that time of year again.  When we are endlessly bombarded with the pretend happy nuclear family message, generally coupled with the message that you could have this if you spend enough money on Christmas presents.  That makes people like myself, who had horrible abusive evil cruel families who found the holidays a great time to get the whole family together for a guilt and hatred celebration (last time my mothers whole brood was together, she poisoned us.  I still have my doubts has to how "accidental" it really was - the real accident was probably that any of us survived), well, that makes us feel even more horrible than anything "family" related usually does.  It's no wonder Christmas is the time of the most suicides.  I am SO glad I don't spend the holidays with my blood relations.

Anyhow - that wasn't my point.  My point is I got to thinking that I actually have a better family than any big, wonderful extended (and blood related) family - because I have a family of choice.  I have dear friends who chose to share their lives with me - not from any obligation but because they simply love me and I love them and we feel like we are family.  And it doesn't cost a dime, by the way.  No one is counting up what they got last year and calculating what they'll spend this year.  I doubt anyone is feeling obligated to do anything they don't want to do.  Our celebrations are a long way from traditional, but we have them.

I've been trying for two days to "man-up" and get back to my Nano novel in spite of the fact I've suddenly decided I hate it, hate everyone in it (except maybe the monster and the kitten), and it's a total waste of my time.  You know I realized this morning it is easier for me to "man-up" to go feed and water horses in 40 degree below zero wind chill, than to sit down and stare at that novel and try to choke out another 30,000 words?

Okay, I may now be veering into procrastination...


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nanowrimo 2014 Day 12

Not quite as good a day as I had hoped for - since I had planned to marathon all day.  I did what I am so bad about doing - started researching so I could figure out just what this illness is that my antagonist is suffering from and got reading....

But all in all, not bad.  And I did figure out what he has.  Word total is now 20,659 not counting a couple hundred in a second document that is the bad guys back story.  3194 for the day, which brings me a bit over par.  The stats say I'll finish on the 30th if I can keep this up.

Oh - and the kitten has a name - Merida.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Nanowrimo 2014 Day 8

Today was DoubleUpDay for Nanowrimo 2014.  Your donations were doubled up if you made one today and everyone was encouraged to double their word count - either the daily par or overall.  Since I didn't get much done yesterday, I thought I'd shoot for doubling my total word count.  Started with a little over 10,000 and now have 17, 465.  Didn't quite make it to a total doubling - but I did thoroughly beat the daily parr.  The website calculator thingie says if I keep it up at this rate I'll be done the 23rd.  I am beginning to suspect that this is going to be one of the novels that is not actually finished at 50K.

I thought I had the whole thing more or less plotted in my head as far as the big curve, and a good many of the smaller turning point scenes.  Since then one of my characters has headed off on his own dark tangent.  I mean, he was the bad guy, but he's gone worse!  And this tiny tortoiseshell kitten has shown up and inserted herself.  I'm not sure what she is going to do yet, but she seems to be quite confident she belongs so I'm gonna roll with that.

Meanwhiile my husband, boy genius and tinker extrodinaire, has taken his birthday present of tools and gone crazy.  We can actually take a hot shower now.  It isn't done, but it is functional.  Wheee - hot showers!  That's way better than 7000 words!  He's my hero :D


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Nanowrimo Day 5 - In which we learn more about our Protagonist and finally meet the enemy

I'm more than satisfied with the 2362 words written today.  I'm even more satisfied with myself for overcoming a small hurdle.  That of having an overall story arc - the "bad guy" that has to be defeated has finally shown himself and his evil plan.  Well, part of it, anyway.  Enough to go on with.  And from out of nowhere a lottery winner has inserted himself into the story.  A bolt from the blue that could upset all sorts of things.  I named that video game that Glory (our protagonist) is obsessed with, and w learned a bit more about her over all.  Yes, yes I am pleased.  *chuckle* and I am suitably ahead of things so that losing all or most of a day to clinics is not going to be a big deal at all.  I may actually sit down and write on things some more late tonight - it's pretty much in my head now so you know how that goes.  It gets banging on the bars and screaming to be let out.

See, I've been good.  So let me just remind you again that I am fundraising for Nanowrimo this year - hint, hint, hint.

Like last years story, this is turning into great fun to write.  However unsuccessful they may be in sales, I at least have a blast with the YA books.  I can't truthfully say that about sales, come to think of it, as none of them has reached the point of publication yet - LOL.  Sigh.  Editing.  Groan.  And I am having a great time in Locoweed, New Mexico.  *evil cackle*

See ya there!

Chapter Headings:
Chapter One - In Which Glory Meets A Monster
Chapter Two - In Which Glory Meets A Witch
Chapter Three - In Which Glory gets some  Very Surprising News
Chapter Four - In Which Glory meets Godsmatch

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nanwrimo Day 4

As expected, I got nothing at all written on the novel yesterday.  Today I sat down and knocked out 1661 words to bring it to a new total of 7244.  My average per day is a little ahead of goal - but actually I had hoped to write more like 2000 today.  I know I will most likely lose one more entire day this week when we have to go to the hubby's routine clinic appointment.  If I'm a little ahead, it won't put me behind.

I introduced our protagonist - now named Morning Glory Strong, and the monster - One, to a witch - who loaned Glory the Encyclopedia of Yokai to peruse.  Now I'm off to browse the forms for a bit and seek inspiration.  Who shall I introduce her to next?  Hmmmmm


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nanowrimo Day 2

I've been very good today.  I can surely write off watching a couple of anime with the husband as inspiration - since I claim the novel is somewhat anime inspired.  The novel is now up to 5623 words, meaning I added 3073 words today, and I'm probably barely halfway through the second chapter.  Oh yes, I've also added actual chapter titles and headings.  If you are as old as I am, you may recall books that had chapter titles like this "Chapter one - in which our protagonist meets his antagonist".  The novel seemed to be lending itself to exactly that kind of treatment, and since part of the idea is to keep it episodic (and thus hopefully interesting) while also having an overall arc/plot I am going along with the flow.

I can't brag too much, however, since I am well aware of the fact that very little, if any, writing will be done tomorrow.  By the time I return on Tuesday I will probably be only very slightly ahead of the word count goal and it will be back to the grind.

Most years I throw all my Kindle published books on free this month to sort of celebrate Nano - but this year I've been doing pretty good at keeping at least one book free on every day and that has resulted in many of them not being eligible.  On top of that, I want to do some very big updates on all the sex books and sex stories.  The childrens books are in for a complete redo now that Amazon has finally created software to create picture books (yay).

If you have a problem with the fact that I write both sex books, and childrens books - I bet you also believe your mother found you under a cabbage leaf.  Get real.  

So I actually am not wanting to do any big promotions on what is already out there at the moment.  Moving On - which was my second successful Nanowrimo novel - is not eligible for free days right now - but you can read it on your Kindle for free if you have Amazon Prime or the new Kindle Unlimited.  The link is here.  
The first one - well, of course, it is lingering in the works in progress folder, along with at least three other Nano novels.  Last years Nano novel is pretty close to being finished.  The names must be changed to protect the guilty.  And I will have to check continuity - since it is set in Locoweed, New Mexico - as is this years work.  In fact, the first Nano novel is under consideration for radical rewrite to set it in Locoweed as well.

Welcome to my world.

(said the spider to the fly)


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nanowrimo Day 1

I freely admit that most years I don't start my Nanowrimo novel until November 4th.  Between Samhain and my hubby's BD on November 3rd, I am frequently much too busy to sit down and write.  I also know I am well capable of cranking out about 1000 words per hour if I am in rough draft just slap them words down mode so I'm never all that worried.  I also have to admit that I am really good at starting stories - just look at these 100+ works in progress - my problem is in finishing and then (even worse) getting them edited and in publishable form.

But since I have the first eleven days of November basically free this year - outside of the 3rd's BD celebration - I fully intended to get started on the novel.  I've got a few notes, a really basic outline, some vague ideas, and felt like I could find the time easily.  That said, I then proceeded to procrastinate until almost 5 pm!  Then admitted I was procrastinating (but the wash was done, the dishes were done, and I had worked a few minutes at the Turk after all) and sat down to watch that cursor blink-blink-blink on the blank page.

2550 words later I am actually pretty happy with the first chapter.  I introduce my heroine, and got her chased by a monster that no one else could see.

So, I pat myself on the back.  I blog.  I remind you who may be following me that I am fundraising (Donate to Nanowrimo.org here) and now I'm off to get back to my regularly scheduled evening.


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