Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's Nanowrimo time again!

Yes, it is National Novel in November time again! And yes, I will be participating again.

I almost did not.  Here I was with an actual story idea (for once), even a title (gasp) and at the last minute I hesitated.  I ran onto an old file titled "goals for 2014".  My main goal was to drag those 140 WIP into the daylight and get them published.  And while I made a lot of progress on that front - I've been bogged down for several months by various distractions and demands on my time.  Maybe I ought to spend November finishing the editing on a former Nano novel, rather than adding a new member to the WIP pile.

In the end, I discussed it with the husband, and he rather strongly supported the idea of leaping into Nanowrimo yet again.  He pointed out that I enjoy it (I do), and it gives my writing a real shot in the arm (it does), and it gives me the courage for one whole month to say - "NO, I need to be getting some writing done".  And then events conspired to give me the first eleven days of November almost entirely free of other obligations.  I can hardly ignore that, eh?

So I am off to Nanowrimo again.  My user name is Webitchtress.  Oddly enough they show me participating only 3 years - which I know is incorrect.  I have more than three Nano-novels to show for it.  Weird.  Anyhow - see you there!

Summer Foovay

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