Monday, October 20, 2014

Crayfish Wars

Stray bits of animal behaviour fascinate me.  Hubby says I'm weird.  But I took this video on the childrens fishing pond in Ralph Edwards park a couple of weeks ago of some crayfish having a battle royal over a burrow in the muddy bank.  This is just one burrow - there were many of them spaced a few feet apart up the muddy bank, and a hot contest going on over all on who was going to get which burrow.

I took a long video of Harry taking me for a nice drag through Monticello, NM that is probably only really interesting to me.  You do see the little town, the church, a few cattle and wildflowers, and lots of Harry tail wagging.  The thing is - it took almost an hour to upload this little video to YouTube so the Harry does Monticello video - in 3 parts because I had to stop and referee a dog meetup, pull a thorn from his paw, and referee another dog meeting - is liable to take all day long - or all night long.  Still, if anyone really wants to see it - comment below - and I'll set it up to upload maybe overnight.

I have some photos to share, too.  Tomorrow maybe.  You see, I have a long list of chores to take care of here in the cave...



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