Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's Nanowrimo time again!

Yes, it is National Novel in November time again! And yes, I will be participating again.

I almost did not.  Here I was with an actual story idea (for once), even a title (gasp) and at the last minute I hesitated.  I ran onto an old file titled "goals for 2014".  My main goal was to drag those 140 WIP into the daylight and get them published.  And while I made a lot of progress on that front - I've been bogged down for several months by various distractions and demands on my time.  Maybe I ought to spend November finishing the editing on a former Nano novel, rather than adding a new member to the WIP pile.

In the end, I discussed it with the husband, and he rather strongly supported the idea of leaping into Nanowrimo yet again.  He pointed out that I enjoy it (I do), and it gives my writing a real shot in the arm (it does), and it gives me the courage for one whole month to say - "NO, I need to be getting some writing done".  And then events conspired to give me the first eleven days of November almost entirely free of other obligations.  I can hardly ignore that, eh?

So I am off to Nanowrimo again.  My user name is Webitchtress.  Oddly enough they show me participating only 3 years - which I know is incorrect.  I have more than three Nano-novels to show for it.  Weird.  Anyhow - see you there!

Summer Foovay

Monday, October 20, 2014

Crayfish Wars

Stray bits of animal behaviour fascinate me.  Hubby says I'm weird.  But I took this video on the childrens fishing pond in Ralph Edwards park a couple of weeks ago of some crayfish having a battle royal over a burrow in the muddy bank.  This is just one burrow - there were many of them spaced a few feet apart up the muddy bank, and a hot contest going on over all on who was going to get which burrow.

I took a long video of Harry taking me for a nice drag through Monticello, NM that is probably only really interesting to me.  You do see the little town, the church, a few cattle and wildflowers, and lots of Harry tail wagging.  The thing is - it took almost an hour to upload this little video to YouTube so the Harry does Monticello video - in 3 parts because I had to stop and referee a dog meetup, pull a thorn from his paw, and referee another dog meeting - is liable to take all day long - or all night long.  Still, if anyone really wants to see it - comment below - and I'll set it up to upload maybe overnight.

I have some photos to share, too.  Tomorrow maybe.  You see, I have a long list of chores to take care of here in the cave...



Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sounding the retreat

I have a good life.  I don’t have a lot materially, although I have most of what I want and all of what I need.  I don’t have a big, loving family like some people – but there are also times when I’m not sure that is a blessing.  Most of all, I try to put out nothing but positive, happy energy and emotions.

To some people that is a threat, some even take it as offensive, and to the worst of people it is a screaming red light signaling “VICTIM”.  Those people, at least, I’ve learned to handle (spin to face them, growl, and then run like hell).  The people who view it as a threat, or offensive, give me a great sense of dismay.  Being me, I tend to look at myself and think – what have I done?

Well, the fact is, I haven’t done anything wrong.  For once it isn’t all about me.  sorry all you LoA and New Agers – but sometimes it is the other person, the outside situation, and not simply a reflection of my inner self – but a picture of theirs.. 

What I have done wrong is misjudge someone.  Because I did not learn social skills growing up, this is all too common for me.  Distinguishing people who are troubled, who like to stir up drama,  who aren’t actively EVIL but who aren’t all that good either is a lot more difficult (especially for me) than recognizing the signs of  psychopaths and abusers.

Sometimes the best thing I can do – for myself – is to withdraw to my little Cancerian shell.  Write, draw, play in my own little corner.

I’m a nice person.  It’s pretty easy to suck me into something that seems fun, a situation where it seems like I can contribute, a relationship that appears to be friendly.  But I am not equipped to play people games.  Never learned them.  They make me nuts – seriously. The longer I play, the harder I try to be myself and do right, the worse it seems to get.

It is Autumn.  The season of turning within.  Of changing from the outward, outside, outdoors activities, to crafts and creation and meditiation, dreams, and visions.  From social, to solitude. 

So, with all due respect to others and nothing but good feelings to you all – I’m going back to my cave now.  For my sake, for the sake of those closest to me, and for the sake of the rest of you as well. 

Mind you, this may look odd from here.  While I am in my cave, it is not unusual for artwork and written pages to be tossed out of the entrance now and then. Depending on how you know me, it may appear that I am more active than usual, rather than less.  Just sayin.


 Summer Foovay

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lies and more Lies in Truth or Consequences, NM - oh the irony

I am sick of my little town.

I am sick of going to Walmart and seeing a sign on every other bicycle that says "Layaway - all toys (including bikes) eligible".  Then you wheel the bike to customer service and get told "wait over there" while they take care of four other people.  Then they assign another person to help you who rolls her eyes, sighs, turns her back on you and replaces the roll of tape in the register.  Finally scans the bike label.  Has to ask for help.  That person knows nothing, so they ask another person for help.  We are told we have to have the particular label that was on the bike.  We go back and find there are no labels for this bike on the pads on the layaway kiosk - just lots and lots of signs on all the bikes about the general layaway terms.  Signs stating all toys (bikes) are eligible.  Only one bike has a pad of labels.  We walk back to the front and only now are told - oh, ONLY that ONE bike is eligible for layaway.  There goes an hour of my life. Walmart - this is false advertising. Oh yeah, you can do anything you want, I forgot.  Walmart can lie.

I am sick of going to Dollar General on Date street, finishing my shopping, and then standing with another customer - who had a baby with her - at the register.  There is no one at the register.  There are three employees standing in the aisle a few feet away studiously ignoring us.  One of them is berating the other two about "acting in a professional manner".  Apparently, this does not include waiting on customers who are ready to SPEND SOME MONEY at the register.  We wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Another employee walks up right next to us and stocks the candy.  She glances at us then at the other employees and says "They'll be right with you" and walks off.  The other employees eventually finish their conversation.  Glance at the two customers still standing at the register.  Then all three of them TURN AROUND AND WALK AWAY TOWARDS THE BACK OF THE STORE.

Very professional.  Yes, I am so impressed. Tell your employees to act professional, then turn around and lead the way in the rush to get away from a customer.  Lie much?

I went to pay my rent yesterday and got berated myself for the garbage in front of my lot.  There is no garbage in front of my lot.  I was told I am responsible for the entire area, all the way to the street (apparently including the city easement).  Fine, but there is no garbage there.  Well, a neighbor complained.  Well, I don't know why, because there is no garbage there, and has been no garbage there - other than the legally approved dumpster that is out there from Tuesday 10 pm or so to whenever they pick it up Wednesday.  Well, says the landlord, you must have moved it.  I did not move the garbage BECAUSE THERE WAS NEVER ANY GARBAGE THERE.  Are you complaining about my dumpster being where the City says my dumpster has to be for less than twelve hours once a week?  Really?  Or did you just make something up because you don't like my a)religion, b)dark skinned friends, c)I have no idea what.

FYI neighbor, I am now photographing the front area of my lot every single day with a date and time stamp.  Lie on me again.  And the next time you have a loud party that lasts until 2 am, or your drunk pal staggers to my front door looking for you, or your dog barks all night, or your drunk pal bangs on your door and argues with you on the porch at 2 am, or you start mowing your goddamn lawn at 7 am - I am calling the police.  And if there is another lie about me you will find yourself in court and I will have proof that it is a lie.  You are so much better than I am?  Good - you can afford the lawyer, the court costs, and the settlement.

For my fellow citizens comfort - I never planned to live here full time.  Because of someone else who lied to me, I have been stuck here longer than I ever expected or wanted.  Trust me, as soon as I can get out of this nasty little town, I'll be gone.

And then I'll write about you.


Summer Foovay

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