Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kickstarter Application = SPAM SPAM SPAM

So about a month ago I had a brilliant idea that I thought I would start a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for.

I still think it is a brilliant idea, but I've long since given up Kickstarter as a really bad deal.

To add insult to injury - some fuckwad raised $35,000 to make a $5 bowl of potato salad.

Guess that ought to tell us all something about who Kickstarter is really for.

After getting my Amazon Payments account blocked - which I depend on for those tiny $5 to $20 payments from the Mechanical Turk that buys us groceries most of the month - they continue to claim they cannot verify my identity.  I have offered everything reasonable and a few things ridiculous and now Kickstarter claims it is because Amazon won't verify my identity.

Amazon, at least, apologized to me after suspending my account, when they looked at their history of sending orders to my home, and my P. O. Box, and payments to my bank account, and getting payments from my bank account, credit card, and Amazon Payments account.  So Amazon seems pretty sure I am human, and me.  Gee, thanks so much.

But Kickstarter says it is Amazon's fault.

Anyway, the last straw is that I now recieve about 40 to 50 SPAM emails on a daily basis, offering me loans, credit cards, content entries, and so on.  Now...I have only started one new account this month.  Kickstarter.

It is clear to me that Kickstarter sells the emails they collect to SPAMMERS.

So, I'd like to share that fact with you.

In case you had a dream you want crushed - and then want to deal with deleting 40 to 60 SPAM emails a day up to and including that prince that wants to send you a few million.


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  1. Wow, that is a bit of an eye-opener! Thanks for the headsup. Tweeted to let others know.


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