Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Camp Nanowrimo Day 2

Normally I wouldn't do this - but I'd like a more detailed record for myself than the mere numbers.  If you have had a look at my Camp Nanowrimo Profile you know I'm being a total rebel and mashing editing and writing and finishing up things with a total goal to "process" 60,000 words.

Day One I was nursing a migraine and crawled off to die.  It's Day Two and since I didn't die, instead I worked on editing the 2013 Nanowrimo, A Coyote, A Kitsune, and a Tanuki (walk into a bar) and got through 13000 words of it.  Gave a few minor characters actual names (Ms. Whatsername is now Ms. Bustos, etc.), changed some business names to protect the guilty (it is set in my hometown), fixed some major continuity errors (one character has a Mom he later does not have, I've changed a holiday a couple of times), and in general dealt with the mess a Nanowrimo first draft normally is.  But I got to say - I love this story.  It's a hoot.

Here's a taste:  (copyright 2013 Summer Fey Foovay, please don't share or copy, all rights reserved yadda yadda yadda).  The teens have shape shifted to look like older adults, and gone to the karaoke contest at a local bar.
Hannah had never been the center of such attention in her life, and she was discovering that she loved it.  She was in the midst of belting out “Just Wanna, Just Wanna” and twirling, switching her butt to much applause including suspiciously coyote like hoots and yips from Joey’s general direction when Zack let out a shocked gasp and grabbed Joey by the elbow.

“TAIL.” He hissed.
“Yes, she does have a very cute little tail.” Joey laughed back, and then did a double take.

Because right at that moment, Hannah did, indeed have a cute little bushy tan and brown ringed tail shaking around on her butt, rather nicely complementing some distinctly youthful curves under the multi-colored patterned dress.  Joey started laughing so hard, he nearly fell out of his chair.  Zack punched him in the arm, really hard and Joey shot him a hard look.  “What?” he asked, rather hurt in more ways than one.
“She.  Has.  A.  Tail.” Zack snarled at him.
“Yes.  She does.  Of course, she does.”
“My God.  We are in so much trouble.  Joey, you do realize the normal human female does NOT have a furry, bushy dog like tail right?”
“Zack, I believe I have a stronger working knowledge of female human anatomy than you do.”
“Yeah, and so do most of the guys who’s noses she is now shaking a tail under.  A TAIL.”
“Oh Zack.  Relax.  They’re drunker than she is.  They’ll never notice in that dress.”

Hannah turned around, and to Zacks shocked dismay, her face seemed to melt away a few more years with every line of the song.  So far her hair was still long, blond, and silver but he figured that was going to go any minute.

“Joey, if we don’t get her out of her, we’re all going to get arrested for buying drinks for an underage girl.” He warned.

Joey raised an eyebrow, “Our little friend does seem to be losing it a little, isn’t she?”
Zack could only groan.

Yes, it really is that fun.

I can't wait to unleash it on the unsuspecting world.  

Summer Foovay

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