Sunday, July 27, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo Day 27

What a month this has been for real life happenings.  And in spite of all of it - today I managed to reach and very slightly surpass my overall goal for camp of writing/editing 60,000 words.  Counting the rewrite/first edit which has brought the novel to a total of 53,232 words plus 8309 words that have passed second edit brings me to 61,561 words altogether.  As I knew already, there are some chapters to add yet as well as some addendum for the uninitiated about what Kitsune, Tanuki and my own made-up Coyote spirit are.

Along the way my twisted little mind has made a connection between this novel - A Tanuki, Kitsune, and Coyote Walk Into A Bar - and the next of my old novels that needs a rewrite - The Chronicles of SpazKat - which will bring them together and into a third novel that should be a complete flush of insanity.  But fun.

So while my word goal is reached, the novel is still not yet ready for publication.  It will be soon though.

Meanwhile, out in the real world among all the other drama this month, I've gotten a J-O-B.  Many of you know that I have had a number of cleaning jobs (as in cleaning  buildings, apartments, hotel rooms, houses) and I've said for a long time that with my husbands needs I wish I could find one or two nice houses that need cleaning a few times a month to make some spare cash, but still have the flexibility to do what we need to do for him.  Well, the Universe does work in wonderous ways, and I have been hired to clean one truly beautiful house once a week.  The cleaning pixie rides again!

Odd as it sounds, I will actually come out with more time to write and draw, rather than less.  This is because I will make considerably more money in far less time cleaning than I earn on the Mechanical Turk, which has been my source of a little side income.  Don't get me wrong - I've been very thankful for the income from the Turk.  But now I can spend all day writing several days a week - and one day working, rather than about half a day writing, about half a day (or more) at the Turk as I have been and I will be earning about twice as much.

This will also be nice as we can catch up and pay off some bills, and get more work done at a faster pace on the Pixie Wagon.  YAY!

I'm also changing my personal schedule a bit.  I plan to write most of the day on Sunday - when I have very few distractions or other duties.  Monday will now become my "no electronics" day to relax with a book, origami, jigsaw puzzles, coloring books, art and so on.  Tuesday will still be White Tornado Day when I clean house and consider anything else I manage to accomplish "extra credit"  LOL.  There will still be days spent on various medical schtuff, and one day working.  Yeah, I'm a little secretive because I really don't feel the need to publicize what days there might not be anyone home at the trailer.  Actually - there's almost always at least one of us here anyway.

And I'll feel a lot less guilty after a few hours on the river - since I won't be thinking I could have spent them making a couple bucks at the Turk :D

Hope everyone else is doing great on their CampNano projects.


Summer Foovay

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