Saturday, July 19, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo Day 19

Well, I edited/wrote less than my goal for today - which was 30K - but according to the Camp figures I am ahead of my goal for the month - so I'll take that and be satisfied.  My current total is 44062.

Since keeping track wasn't enough of a pain already - I started the second edit on the beginning.  What can I say - my muse wanted to add some notes before the book begins about Tanuki, Kitsune, and the Coyote and, mostly, Locoweed - the small New Mexico town where it is all set.  Long as I was at the beginning I started re-reading and noticed a few more things that needed to be fixed for continuity with later events as rewritten.  I did that for about 8000 words, got close enough to where I am to be a little bored and skipped ahead to work on the first edit, adding/editing another 4503 words ahead there.  Hopefully, I won't confuse myself half to death.  I'll admit it, it may take until the end of the month to get this completed.

As Dee suggested, I only worked half the day.  This morning was so nice I took the kayak out on the river.  I went a few miles further down than I usually do, because there were some other kayakers in a party ahead of me.  I had someone to follow into new and unexplored (to me) territory, so I took advantage of it.  Luckily, my clever husband had stopped at our usual take out point and seen the other kayakers.  He stood on the bank and pointed down river, I nodded and waved the same direction, and he got in the car and met me at a lower point we had talked about using before.  The other kayakers went past that point - but I wasn't sure where they were going to get out - or how to tell hubby how to get there to come get me, so I called it good.

Hey - I'm at "camp" - I get to kayak, right?  LOL.

I was so hot and sweaty when I got home, I decided it was a good day to put the mohawk in and be nice and cool the rest of the summer.  Ahhhh...feels great.

It's sure going to seem weird to even turn the computer on tomorrow, and I know I am not about to finish and be able to publish Monday.  I may wait and see how I feel.  The three days I know I won't get anything done next week are going to be taken up with very much not fun stuff having to do with nurses and clinics and scrubbing and - eh.  A nice quiet day with a good book is tempting...


Summer Foovay

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