Thursday, July 17, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo Day 17

You thought I'd given up, didn't you?  Not at all.  As I believe I mentioned, this month has a lot of doctor, clinic, and other appointments scheduled that are going to keep me occupied.  So while this is only the second day I have actually worked on my Nanowrimo Camp projects, I certainly haven't quit.  It helps that for the most part I am editing and rewriting.  So today in a few hours I went through another 12,000 words to bring my total up to just over 25,000 - almost halfway to my word goal.

There was some discussion on the forums about how to track word count if you are editing and rewriting.  Myself, I am going straight through from start to finish as if I were reading this as a book.  I have run onto a few continuity things that had to be worked out, some characters who needed naming, along with businesses and locations (I hate naming things and people so I tend to avoid it until the rewrite), but for the most part I am not changing a whole lot.  I find myself rewriting sentences so they make more sense, or all stay in the same tense time wise (I'm terrible about that).  But anyhow - what I am doing for my word count is simply using the word count tool in Word and going from the beginning to wherever I stopped at that day for the total number.  As long as I actually finish this rewrite and get the book published this month, I will be pretty pleased.  I gave myself a goal of 60,000 even though I know this book is 50,000 because I also hope to get a few smaller works written and/or groomed and published as well. 

I have written part of another story and slapped down some ideas for others which I haven't even bothered to count.  The usual "an idea comes to me when I am washing dishes/meditating/asleep and I've got to get it down RIGHT NOW" kind of thing.  Really not worthy of being included in word count, I don't think.  I'm not counting words in blog entries either. 

The next five days or so I hope to get quite a lot done as I will finally have a string of days that I don't have to jump up and run off and do this or that or be out of town all day.  I'd love to finish Tanuki, Coyote and Kitsune by the 21st and maybe even get a cover drawn and have it out on Kindle by the 28th. 

Wish me luck!

Summer Foovay

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