Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kickstarter Application = SPAM SPAM SPAM

So about a month ago I had a brilliant idea that I thought I would start a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for.

I still think it is a brilliant idea, but I've long since given up Kickstarter as a really bad deal.

To add insult to injury - some fuckwad raised $35,000 to make a $5 bowl of potato salad.

Guess that ought to tell us all something about who Kickstarter is really for.

After getting my Amazon Payments account blocked - which I depend on for those tiny $5 to $20 payments from the Mechanical Turk that buys us groceries most of the month - they continue to claim they cannot verify my identity.  I have offered everything reasonable and a few things ridiculous and now Kickstarter claims it is because Amazon won't verify my identity.

Amazon, at least, apologized to me after suspending my account, when they looked at their history of sending orders to my home, and my P. O. Box, and payments to my bank account, and getting payments from my bank account, credit card, and Amazon Payments account.  So Amazon seems pretty sure I am human, and me.  Gee, thanks so much.

But Kickstarter says it is Amazon's fault.

Anyway, the last straw is that I now recieve about 40 to 50 SPAM emails on a daily basis, offering me loans, credit cards, content entries, and so on.  Now...I have only started one new account this month.  Kickstarter.

It is clear to me that Kickstarter sells the emails they collect to SPAMMERS.

So, I'd like to share that fact with you.

In case you had a dream you want crushed - and then want to deal with deleting 40 to 60 SPAM emails a day up to and including that prince that wants to send you a few million.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo Day 27

What a month this has been for real life happenings.  And in spite of all of it - today I managed to reach and very slightly surpass my overall goal for camp of writing/editing 60,000 words.  Counting the rewrite/first edit which has brought the novel to a total of 53,232 words plus 8309 words that have passed second edit brings me to 61,561 words altogether.  As I knew already, there are some chapters to add yet as well as some addendum for the uninitiated about what Kitsune, Tanuki and my own made-up Coyote spirit are.

Along the way my twisted little mind has made a connection between this novel - A Tanuki, Kitsune, and Coyote Walk Into A Bar - and the next of my old novels that needs a rewrite - The Chronicles of SpazKat - which will bring them together and into a third novel that should be a complete flush of insanity.  But fun.

So while my word goal is reached, the novel is still not yet ready for publication.  It will be soon though.

Meanwhile, out in the real world among all the other drama this month, I've gotten a J-O-B.  Many of you know that I have had a number of cleaning jobs (as in cleaning  buildings, apartments, hotel rooms, houses) and I've said for a long time that with my husbands needs I wish I could find one or two nice houses that need cleaning a few times a month to make some spare cash, but still have the flexibility to do what we need to do for him.  Well, the Universe does work in wonderous ways, and I have been hired to clean one truly beautiful house once a week.  The cleaning pixie rides again!

Odd as it sounds, I will actually come out with more time to write and draw, rather than less.  This is because I will make considerably more money in far less time cleaning than I earn on the Mechanical Turk, which has been my source of a little side income.  Don't get me wrong - I've been very thankful for the income from the Turk.  But now I can spend all day writing several days a week - and one day working, rather than about half a day writing, about half a day (or more) at the Turk as I have been and I will be earning about twice as much.

This will also be nice as we can catch up and pay off some bills, and get more work done at a faster pace on the Pixie Wagon.  YAY!

I'm also changing my personal schedule a bit.  I plan to write most of the day on Sunday - when I have very few distractions or other duties.  Monday will now become my "no electronics" day to relax with a book, origami, jigsaw puzzles, coloring books, art and so on.  Tuesday will still be White Tornado Day when I clean house and consider anything else I manage to accomplish "extra credit"  LOL.  There will still be days spent on various medical schtuff, and one day working.  Yeah, I'm a little secretive because I really don't feel the need to publicize what days there might not be anyone home at the trailer.  Actually - there's almost always at least one of us here anyway.

And I'll feel a lot less guilty after a few hours on the river - since I won't be thinking I could have spent them making a couple bucks at the Turk :D

Hope everyone else is doing great on their CampNano projects.


Summer Foovay

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo Day 19

Well, I edited/wrote less than my goal for today - which was 30K - but according to the Camp figures I am ahead of my goal for the month - so I'll take that and be satisfied.  My current total is 44062.

Since keeping track wasn't enough of a pain already - I started the second edit on the beginning.  What can I say - my muse wanted to add some notes before the book begins about Tanuki, Kitsune, and the Coyote and, mostly, Locoweed - the small New Mexico town where it is all set.  Long as I was at the beginning I started re-reading and noticed a few more things that needed to be fixed for continuity with later events as rewritten.  I did that for about 8000 words, got close enough to where I am to be a little bored and skipped ahead to work on the first edit, adding/editing another 4503 words ahead there.  Hopefully, I won't confuse myself half to death.  I'll admit it, it may take until the end of the month to get this completed.

As Dee suggested, I only worked half the day.  This morning was so nice I took the kayak out on the river.  I went a few miles further down than I usually do, because there were some other kayakers in a party ahead of me.  I had someone to follow into new and unexplored (to me) territory, so I took advantage of it.  Luckily, my clever husband had stopped at our usual take out point and seen the other kayakers.  He stood on the bank and pointed down river, I nodded and waved the same direction, and he got in the car and met me at a lower point we had talked about using before.  The other kayakers went past that point - but I wasn't sure where they were going to get out - or how to tell hubby how to get there to come get me, so I called it good.

Hey - I'm at "camp" - I get to kayak, right?  LOL.

I was so hot and sweaty when I got home, I decided it was a good day to put the mohawk in and be nice and cool the rest of the summer.  Ahhhh...feels great.

It's sure going to seem weird to even turn the computer on tomorrow, and I know I am not about to finish and be able to publish Monday.  I may wait and see how I feel.  The three days I know I won't get anything done next week are going to be taken up with very much not fun stuff having to do with nurses and clinics and scrubbing and - eh.  A nice quiet day with a good book is tempting...


Summer Foovay

Friday, July 18, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo Day 18

Slightly less than 6000 words today - a little disappointing.  We took off for an hour to get out of the house and went to the library.  Hey - reading is important for a writer, right?  Yeah, right!  And I got a book about the reintroduction of wolves - which is even relevant to the Tanuki, Kitsune and Coyote book.  If you are wondering'll have to read it.  I mostly edited today, wrote some dialog, changed yet another business name to avoid lawsuits :-P.  I skimmed ahead and discovered I actually do have some new scenes and events that are yet to actually be written so the book is going to probably end up gaining a few thousand words at least.  I still hope I can get it finished and published by Monday.  I generally take Saturdays off and play games and watch anime all day, and then take Sunday off of anything electronic at all.  I spend the day drawing, coloring, doing jigsaw puzzles, reading, and often a special sort of outdoor trip to a new hiking spot or something.  Because I'm losing so many work days this month to other bullshit - and I did get my little mini four day vacation last weekend at the ranch - I think I'll end up working this weekend.

Ta -

Summer Foovay

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo Day 17

You thought I'd given up, didn't you?  Not at all.  As I believe I mentioned, this month has a lot of doctor, clinic, and other appointments scheduled that are going to keep me occupied.  So while this is only the second day I have actually worked on my Nanowrimo Camp projects, I certainly haven't quit.  It helps that for the most part I am editing and rewriting.  So today in a few hours I went through another 12,000 words to bring my total up to just over 25,000 - almost halfway to my word goal.

There was some discussion on the forums about how to track word count if you are editing and rewriting.  Myself, I am going straight through from start to finish as if I were reading this as a book.  I have run onto a few continuity things that had to be worked out, some characters who needed naming, along with businesses and locations (I hate naming things and people so I tend to avoid it until the rewrite), but for the most part I am not changing a whole lot.  I find myself rewriting sentences so they make more sense, or all stay in the same tense time wise (I'm terrible about that).  But anyhow - what I am doing for my word count is simply using the word count tool in Word and going from the beginning to wherever I stopped at that day for the total number.  As long as I actually finish this rewrite and get the book published this month, I will be pretty pleased.  I gave myself a goal of 60,000 even though I know this book is 50,000 because I also hope to get a few smaller works written and/or groomed and published as well. 

I have written part of another story and slapped down some ideas for others which I haven't even bothered to count.  The usual "an idea comes to me when I am washing dishes/meditating/asleep and I've got to get it down RIGHT NOW" kind of thing.  Really not worthy of being included in word count, I don't think.  I'm not counting words in blog entries either. 

The next five days or so I hope to get quite a lot done as I will finally have a string of days that I don't have to jump up and run off and do this or that or be out of town all day.  I'd love to finish Tanuki, Coyote and Kitsune by the 21st and maybe even get a cover drawn and have it out on Kindle by the 28th. 

Wish me luck!

Summer Foovay

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Camp Nanowrimo Day 2

Normally I wouldn't do this - but I'd like a more detailed record for myself than the mere numbers.  If you have had a look at my Camp Nanowrimo Profile you know I'm being a total rebel and mashing editing and writing and finishing up things with a total goal to "process" 60,000 words.

Day One I was nursing a migraine and crawled off to die.  It's Day Two and since I didn't die, instead I worked on editing the 2013 Nanowrimo, A Coyote, A Kitsune, and a Tanuki (walk into a bar) and got through 13000 words of it.  Gave a few minor characters actual names (Ms. Whatsername is now Ms. Bustos, etc.), changed some business names to protect the guilty (it is set in my hometown), fixed some major continuity errors (one character has a Mom he later does not have, I've changed a holiday a couple of times), and in general dealt with the mess a Nanowrimo first draft normally is.  But I got to say - I love this story.  It's a hoot.

Here's a taste:  (copyright 2013 Summer Fey Foovay, please don't share or copy, all rights reserved yadda yadda yadda).  The teens have shape shifted to look like older adults, and gone to the karaoke contest at a local bar.
Hannah had never been the center of such attention in her life, and she was discovering that she loved it.  She was in the midst of belting out “Just Wanna, Just Wanna” and twirling, switching her butt to much applause including suspiciously coyote like hoots and yips from Joey’s general direction when Zack let out a shocked gasp and grabbed Joey by the elbow.

“TAIL.” He hissed.
“Yes, she does have a very cute little tail.” Joey laughed back, and then did a double take.

Because right at that moment, Hannah did, indeed have a cute little bushy tan and brown ringed tail shaking around on her butt, rather nicely complementing some distinctly youthful curves under the multi-colored patterned dress.  Joey started laughing so hard, he nearly fell out of his chair.  Zack punched him in the arm, really hard and Joey shot him a hard look.  “What?” he asked, rather hurt in more ways than one.
“She.  Has.  A.  Tail.” Zack snarled at him.
“Yes.  She does.  Of course, she does.”
“My God.  We are in so much trouble.  Joey, you do realize the normal human female does NOT have a furry, bushy dog like tail right?”
“Zack, I believe I have a stronger working knowledge of female human anatomy than you do.”
“Yeah, and so do most of the guys who’s noses she is now shaking a tail under.  A TAIL.”
“Oh Zack.  Relax.  They’re drunker than she is.  They’ll never notice in that dress.”

Hannah turned around, and to Zacks shocked dismay, her face seemed to melt away a few more years with every line of the song.  So far her hair was still long, blond, and silver but he figured that was going to go any minute.

“Joey, if we don’t get her out of her, we’re all going to get arrested for buying drinks for an underage girl.” He warned.

Joey raised an eyebrow, “Our little friend does seem to be losing it a little, isn’t she?”
Zack could only groan.

Yes, it really is that fun.

I can't wait to unleash it on the unsuspecting world.  

Summer Foovay

Ant Lion Wrangler!

I really love learning stuff.  Especially information I did not know about animals.  I have to thank Chris Bradbury at Flickr for commenting on this photo of what I thought was an usual dragonfly
It was hanging upside down on my clothesline a few days ago.  Chris suggested in the comments on Flickr that this is actually an adult ant lion.

What?  Adult ant lion?  I've long known about ant lions.  I've often lived somewhere that we had them.  They are great fun to play with "in the wild".  You find one of their sand funnels and drop something in, a tiny pebble, or better yet, an ant and get the response of a flurry of sand and a quick glimpse of the pits occupant - a sand lion - as he captures the ant and kills it.  Somehow, my education in ant lions failed to mention they are a larval stage of - well, that damselfly like fellow above!  A wee bit of research on the Internet today brought up a number of photos of adults, which do indeed look like my little pal there.  There's also websites where you can buy ant lions for pets - and even one where you can catch ant lions to sell to them.

Tempting - I mgiht make more as an ant lion wrangler than I do as a writer!  No - really, it's true.  But I also have a really massive ant problem around the trailer here, so I'd hate to let my little lions go.  I want to them to stay and eat LOTS of ants.  LOTS and LOTS of ants.  Please. 

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